Sophos in Education

Educational institutions benefit greatly from the latest networking technologies which make the learning experience richer and more engaging for students. As more and more students, faculty, and administrators bring multiple devices to the campus, educational institutions are faced with the task of ensuring network security, safeguarding sensitive data, and building the right BYOD strategy.

Sophos’ security and data protection uniquely integrates endpoint, email and web security, and network access control to deliver easy-to-use, award-winning solutions that protect six million administrators, teachers, and students around the world from viruses, spam and spyware. We help your IT staff keep your users, data, network, web, email and apps protected, affordably and efficiently. 

One solution for your multiple
needs - Sophos.

  • Protect sensitive data

    As an educational institution, you may hold sensitive data like student records or critical research material by students and staff. Our security and data protection uniquely integrates endpoint, email and web security, and network access control to deliver easy-to-use solutions that keep your data safe, wherever it goes. The Data Control module in our core antivirus engine allows the engine to check attachments for personally-identifiable information, and enables administrators to put policies in place around the movement of this data. Sophos SafeGuard encryption offers the simplest and best data protection solution securing data wherever it goes, whenever you share it or even when you upload it onto the cloud over apps like Dropbox and other file-sharing options. 

  • Enable safe, productive web browsing; enforce web controls

    Sophos web filtering and web protection modules enable you to enforce safe internet usage by your students and staff and curb visit to inappropriate websites and apps. You'll be able to assign user-based web access policies and block anonymizing proxies to ensure your school's filtering systems are not bypassed. SafeSearch ensures your users don’t put you in legal trouble.

  • Get your BYOD strategy right

    Bring your own device (BYOD) is currently the most common driver for new technology deployment, as well as the biggest headache for stretched-thin IT departments. What kind of access to your network should you grant an unmanaged device? How can you protect users on your network when they are using an unmanaged device? Can you wipe a staff member's personal device if it is lost? What data is accessible using a personal device? There is no simple answer to BYOD, but we can help you to securely implement a BYOD device strategy in a simple way. The right BYOD strategy can bring a number of benefits, including overall cost savings and improved lesson engagement. 

  • Secure your shared computing environment

    The days of people working on one machine in one location are gone. Sophos’ patented Layer 8 Identity-based security allows you to enforce network and security policies, no matter what location, device or network environment they log in from.

  • Network visibility

    Sophos’ granular and user identity-based reporting gives you visibility into your institution’s surfing trends, bandwidth and system utilization, Internet usage, intrusion alerts, and more. The reports include search engine queries and forensic reports on individual user activity, enabling you to understand behaviour and take early action. Reports are generated on the Sophos XG Firewall without any additional purchase required. Administrators are also able to view traffic in real time and choose to instantly block or shape that traffic.

  • Maximize resources and control costs

    You can shape bandwidth usage by users, groups, web category and apps to ensure QoS to key users or applications. This prevents low-priority traffic from hogging available bandwidth and slowing down important tasks in your system.

  • Secure your wireless users

    Keep your Wi-Fi users secure with Sophos UTM’s built-in wireless controller. Working seamlessly with our full range of wireless access points, we help you prevent rogue users from connecting to your Wi-Fi network undetected with our ability to identify the source and destination of your WLAN traffic by username.

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