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Achieve Cyber Insurance Requirements with Sophos MDR

High levels of cyber control are commonly required by insurance providers as conditions of coverage. Sophos Managed Detection and Response (MDR) enables organizations to achieve many of the cyber controls that are key to insurability, including 24/7 Endpoint Detection and Response, web security, logging and monitoring, and more.

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Cyber Insurance Stats

Cyber Insurance: The Reality from the Infosec Frontline

Explore the findings of a Sophos-commissioned study into the cyber insurance experience of 5,600 professionals working at the infosec frontline. It reveals how their experience of obtaining cyber insurance coverage has changed and the impact of cyber insurance on their cyber defenses.

With ransomware a major driver of both cyber insurance purchase and claims, the study also shines light onto how often cyber insurance policies pay out in the event of an attack and the types of costs that are addressed, including how often insurers pay the ransom.

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It’s not just you. Most organizations are finding it tough to secure the cyber insurance cover they need. The ever-increasing frequency and severity of cyberattacks, coupled with growing remediation costs, have caused premiums to soar and coverage to shrink. Sophos can help you put in place the strong cybersecurity controls you need to help optimize your cyber insurance position.

Good Cybersecurity Controls Can Help You Secure Affordable Cyber Insurance

Cyber insurance is all about managing risk and cost. By minimizing the risk of experiencing a cyberattack, you reduce the risk for your insurer, which in turn makes it easier to get the insurance cover you need.

To reduce risk, insurance providers increasingly stipulate strong protection requirements as a condition of providing cover. Here are the top cybersecurity controls to consider:


  • Multifactor Authentication (MFA)

  • Secured, encrypted, and tested backups

  • Email filtering and web security

  • Cybersecurity awareness training and phishing testing

  • Logging and monitoring/network protections

  • Vendor/digital supply chain risk management

  • Endpoint detection and response (EDR)

  • Privileged access management (PAM)

  • Cyber incident response planning and testing

  • Hardening techniques, including Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) mitigation

  • End-of-life systems replaced or protected

  • Patch management and vulnerability management


Top Cybersecurity Controls and How Sophos Can Help

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Optimizing Your Cyber Insurance Position

Hear directly from leading industry brokers and carriers.

cyber insurance position
  • The cyber insurance market and how risk is modelled
  • An insurer’s view on the three Cs — Coverage, Capacity and Claims
  • How to best prepare for your cyber insurance renewal
  • The 12 keystone cybersecurity controls that insurers look for when assessing risk
  • Live Q&A panel discussion from our session speakers

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Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) Is Increasingly Required to Get Cover

Insurance providers understand that proactive threat hunting and neutralization is an essential part of advanced defenses as it reduces cybersecurity risk. As a result, endpoint detection and response (EDR) capabilities are often a prerequisite for cover.

Sophos Managed Detection and Response

Sophos Managed Detection and Response (MDR) services provide 24/7/365 endpoint detection and response delivered as a fully-managed service. Sophos expert threat hunters and incident responders monitor your environment 24/7/365, investigating and neutralizing suspicious activities to reduce your cyber risk.

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Sophos Extended Detection and Response

Sophos Extended Detection and Response (XDR) enables your security analysts to detect, investigate, and respond to threats across endpoints and your wider environment, reducing your risk of experiencing a major cyber incident. Superior protection allows analysts to focus on fewer, more accurate detections while machine learning and threat intelligence accelerate investigation and response, allowing you to stop more threats – faster.

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Reduce Recovery Cost With Cyber Incident Response Readiness

The best way to reduce the cost of dealing with a major cyber incident is to prepare in advance. Incident response readiness demonstrates to your insurance provider that you are well placed to keep risk and costs down.

Sophos Rapid Response provides lightning-fast cyber incident response delivered by Sophos experts. It's available to Sophos customers and non-customers alike and is included with the Sophos MDR service.

Knowing who to call when an incident strikes reduces both stress and response time. Add Sophos Rapid Response to your Incident Response plan today.

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  • Get immediate help 24/7/365
  • Onboarding begins within two hours on average
  • Dedicated deployment specialists get up and running fast
  • Threat neutralization experts call on experience gained across thousands of incidents
  • Existing Sophos customer? We’re even faster still


  • Sophos XDR enables responders to quickly gain the context needed to respond effectively
  • Sophos Intercept X’s award-winning next-gen endpoint protection prevents further damage
  • Customers benefit from 45 days of ongoing expert monitoring and response

Sophos Incident Response Guide

Based on the real-world experiences of the Sophos Managed Detection and Response and Sophos Rapid Response teams, the Sophos Incident Response Guide help you prepare to respond to a cyber attack.

  • Define the framework for your cybersecurity incident response plan
  • Learn the 10 main steps your plan should include
  • Understand the role managed detection and response (MDR) services play in supporting your plan

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