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Our people are what makes Sophos special – we demonstrate shared vision, talent, innovation, and creativity, all of which are accompanied by a great sense of fun and team spirit. Our ability to deliver our mission depends on the happiness and well-being of our employees. We provide a supportive culture that enables people to lead a balanced life, advance their careers, and feel valued and engaged.

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Our Mission

We protect people from cybercrime by developing powerful and intuitive products and services that provide the world’s most effective cybersecurity for organizations of any size.

Our Values and Vision

When highly talented people work together in an environment where they can do the best work of their careers, amazing and successful companies are built. Our Sophos Values and Guiding Principles captures who we are as a company and how we operate, reflecting in part who we are today and what we aspire to become. It helps guide us to build a truly great company: one that makes a positive difference for our customers and partners, that does important work in the world, that is successful for our stakeholders, and that we are all proud to be part of.

We are driven by real values, which are demonstrated by real behavior, every day, throughout the company, all over the world:

Simplicity: We strive to embrace design, automation, and re-engineering across our products and business operations. We aim to create instinctive next-gen products that provide IT professionals with exactly what they need to do their jobs efficiently and effectively.

Empowerment: We support and enable people to do great work. We trust people to take ownership, to take smart risks, and to deliver results. We encourage people to take action, to seek knowledge, and to question actions inconsistent with our mission, values, or principles.

Passion: We care intensely about our success and our impact. We maintain high standards and continuously strive to improve. We inspire others.

Innovation: We stay at the forefront and advance the boundaries of what is possible. If we fail, we do it quickly, learn, share the lessons learned, and move forward. We always seek better approaches to what we do.

Authenticity: We are genuine, transparent, and honest. We admit our mistakes and strive to remain self-aware. We say what we think, even if it might be difficult.

Each quarter, we celebrate our exceptional global team by running the Sophos Values Awards. Our Values Award Program recognizes and rewards employees who embody the Sophos values and who we are as a company, enrich our culture, and reflect what we aspire to become.

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Our Flexible Approach

Sophos believes flexibility in work arrangements is crucial to hiring and retaining the best talent. We support and encourage working flexibly so that all our employees can succeed in their professional careers and their personal lives.

We recognize our employees’ preference for the flexibility of the work-from-home model, and apart from roles that require shift work, we also try to accommodate flexible start and end times across our global regions. This enhances overall productivity, flexibility, and diversity as a global team.

Sophos operates a remote-first working model, meaning that working remotely is the primary option for many Sophos employees. These employees can work from another location such as a home office or co-working space, and where possible, we encourage teams to get together in person periodically to help facilitate teamwork.

A hybrid working model continues for some teams, who split their time between the Sophos office and working remotely each week.  

Our Focus on Career Development

At Sophos we focus on every individual’s unique learning and development goals, and we are committed to equipping our global team with the necessary training, development, and growth opportunities to advance their careers at Sophos.

Our leadership development program provides a platform for leaders to share knowledge with peers and learn about the latest tools and best practices helping to shape management and leadership today. Delivered through a combination of e-learning, interactive instructor-led webinars, and self-directed study, the program is divided into four distinct tracks to provide the right set of tools to help us successfully lead our teams in this next new phase of working. The program develops our high-potential employees and works closely with the Learning & Development Team to help promote from within.

In addition, all employees have access to LinkedIn Learning for a huge range of online courses to compliment the in-person training that our global Learning & Development team offers.

Our global internal coaching program, Coach Match, nurtures talent with knowledgeable, in-house resources. It enables employees to work through challenges and develop new capabilities. The program is confidential, free, and open to all employees.

Most importantly, we believe in action learning, exposing people to new challenges in their day-to-day job, and encourage promotion from within Sophos.

Career development

Employee Compensation, Benefits, and Wellbeing

We believe in paying our employees to market and rewarding performance and unique skill sets. We benchmark pay based on market competitive compensation for industry, position, location, and experience. Our health care benefits are available worldwide.

The health and wellbeing of our global team is our top priority. We offer periodic Sophos wellness days off for all Sophos to help employees relax and recharge. We have a global wellbeing program, which offers a range of wellbeing resources, including Sophos Wellbeing Webinars, Stress Management Toolkits, and Developing Resilience Courses. All employees have 24/7 access to our free Employee Assistance Program (EAP) for confidential advice and counseling on a wide range of work and personal issues. Sophos employees currently receive a free annual subscription to the Calm app, which helps to reduce stress and anxiety, improve focus, and encourage more restful sleep. 

Sophos supports employees who need to prioritize their personal life events. Birthing mothers qualify for 12-weeks of paid maternity leave.* All parents (mothers, fathers and adopting parents) welcoming a new child are eligible for 6-weeks of paid parental leave. Our Caregiver Leave gives employees up to 2-weeks of paid leave* in a 12-month period to care for an ill parent, spouse, or child. In the event of a loss, Sophos also offers up to 20 days* of paid Bereavement/Compassion Leave.

We regularly reward and thank our global team, such as end of year gifts. And when global restrictions allow, we host some unforgettable social experiences for our global teams including our music festival SOPH-Fest, go-karting, Sophmudder, and incredible holiday parties!

We like to keep employees on their toes too -- our annual global fitness challenge, SOPH-Fit, sees thousands of employees taking part in our virtual global race around the world.

*To the extent these policies provide a lesser benefit than a country, state, or local law, the more generous benefit will apply.

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