Sophos Cloud Security Posture Management

Easily identify cloud resource vulnerabilities, ensure compliance, and respond to threats faster.

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Security and Cost Optimization Features

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Multi-cloud Visibility

Multi-Cloud Visibility

Asset and network traffic visibility for AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud is made simple with Cloud Optix. View accurate inventories and generate on-demand topology visualizations for multi-cloud environments in a single console, continually analyzed for security risks, over-privileged access, and spend anomalies.

How Sophos benefits from Cloud Optix

Respond to Cloud Security Threats Faster

Focus on and fix your most critical security vulnerabilities before they are identified and exploited in cyberattacks. By identifying and risk-profiling security, compliance, and cloud spend risks, Cloud Optix ensures teams respond faster, providing contextual alerts that group affected resources with detailed remediation steps.

Manage Identities Before They’re Exploited

Cloud Optix analyzes complex, interwoven Identity and Access Management (IAM) roles to visualize relationships, making it simpler to manage access privileges for user, group, and cloud service roles. offering guidance on where to make IAM policy updates with the cloud provider before over-privileged IAM access is exploited.

Identify over-privileged access with Cloud Optix

Security at The Pace of DevOps

Block vulnerabilities pre-deployment with Cloud Optix. Seamlessly integrate Sophos security and compliance checks at any stage of development to maintain the pace of DevOps without introducing threats into production environments.

  • Container Image Scanning
    Scan container images pre-deployment to prevent threats from operating system vulnerabilities and identify available fixes.
  • Infrastructure-as-Code Scanning
    Automatically detect misconfigurations, embedded secrets, passwords, and keys in Infrastructure-as-Code templates.

Enable fast and secure development with Cloud Optix

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Optimize Costs

Optimize Costs and Improve Security

Optimize AWS and Azure infrastructure costs, increase security to accelerate cloud migration, and enable growth areas including remote working.

  • Track cloud costs for multiple services side by side on a single screen to improve visibility and reduce wasted spend.
  • Identify unusual activity indicative of abuse, highlighting top services contributing to spend with customizable alerts.
  • Receive independent recommendations to optimize AWS spend, integrate with AWS Trusted Advisor, and Azure Advisor.

Learn how to optimize AWS and Azure costs

Extend Your Data Sources With XDR

Sophos Intercept X with XDR is enhanced with Cloud Optix data to place security teams closer to the occurrence of a security event, with cross-platform detection capabilities that can provide deeper insight and context to issues.

  • Sophos Extended Detection and Response (XDR) goes beyond the endpoint, pulling in rich network, SaaS email, cloud workload, AWS, Google Cloud Platform and Microsoft Azure cloud environment data sources.
  • Investigate AWS cloud environment API, CLI, and management console activities with seamless integration to AWS CloudTrail.
  • Use queries associated with attacker tactics to detect initial access, persistence, and privilege escalation. 

Learn more about XDR


How Shutterfly reduced alert noise to focus teams on delivering value to the business.

Aaron Peck, Vice President and CISO, Shutterfly Inc.

The World's Most Trusted Cloud Security Platform

Discover Sophos Central, a single intuitive security management platform to enable your digital transformation, trusted by over 150,000 customers world-wide and secured by Cloud Optix.

 Cloud Security Posture Management

Cloud Security Posture Management

Cloud Optix continually monitors cloud configurations, detecting suspicious activity, insecure deployment, and over-privileged IAM roles, while helping optimize cloud costs.


Cloud Workload Protection

Secure your cloud, on-premises, or hybrid server environments. Block the latest threats, including ransomware, exploit-based attacks, and server-specific malware with powerful deep learning technology.



Blocks unknown threats with a comprehensive suite of advanced protection, including IPS, ATP, Sandboxing, Dual AV, Web and App Control, Anti-phishing, a fully-featured Web Application Firewall, and more.

Endpoint Protection

Endpoint Protection

Sophos Intercept X is the world's best endpoint protection, offering artificial intelligence, anti-ransomware, exploit prevention, EDR, and more for Windows and macOS.

Managed Threat Response

Managed Threat Response

Sophos Managed Threat Response provides 24/7 threat hunting, detection, and response capabilities delivered by an expert team as a fully-managed service.



Spend less time and effort managing and securing traditional and mobile endpoints with this complete UEM solution. Supports management of Android, iOS, Windows, macOS and Chromebook devices.



Email security that protects your people and sensitive information against spam, malicious URLs, malware, impersonation attacks, and data loss.



Sophos Central Device Encryption provides centrally-managed, full disk encryption from a single, integrated, web-based management center.



Sophos Wireless provides an easy, effective way to manage and secure your wireless networks.

Security Awareness Training

Security Awareness Training

Sophos Phish Threat keeps your users safe with effective phishing simulations, automated training, and comprehensive reporting.

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