Zero Trust Network Access

Securely connect your users to your applications.

The perfect complement to your Sophos Firewall, Endpoint, XDR, and MDR solutions.

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Improve Your Security Posture

ZTNA greatly reduces your attack surface area, eliminating implicit trust, adding device health to access policy, making your apps invisible to attack, and much more.

Improve Your Security Posture

ZTNA improves your security posture and reduces your attack surface in many ways: removing vulnerable and old VPN clients and infrastructure, eradicating implicit trust, incorporating device health into access policy, preventing lateral movement across the network, making your apps invisible to attackers, and providing much better insights into user and application activity.

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Enable Remote Workers

Replace remote access VPN with least privileged access to your networked applications while making it easier and more transparent.

Enable Remote Workers

Remote access VPN has served us well, but it was never designed for this new world. ZTNA offers a much better alternative for remote access by providing better security and threat protection, an easier and more scalable management experience, and a more transparent and frictionless experience for end-users.

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Micro-Segment Your Applications

Micro-segmentation removes implicit trust and ensures your applications are secure from lateral movement.

Micro-Segment Your Applications

With VPN, you’re providing network access. With Sophos ZTNA, you’re only providing access to specific applications. We micro-segment your applications, users, and devices, and with the integration of device health into access policies and continuous authentication verification, you get much better security. This eliminates all of the of implicit trust and the lateral movement that comes with VPN.

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Stop Ransomware and Other Threats

Eliminate common attack vectors to keep ransomware and other threats from getting a foothold on your network.

Stop Ransomware and Other Threats

Hackers are leveraging poorly secured remote systems and VPN vulnerabilities to get a foothold on networks to deploy ransomware. Sophos ZTNA helps reduce the surface area and risk of a ransomware attack by removing a new and growing vector. With ZTNA, remote systems are no longer connected “to the network” and only have specific application access.

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Onboard New Apps and Users Quickly

Stand up new applications quickly and securely, easily enroll or decommission users and devices, and get insights into application status and usage.

Onboard New Apps and Users Quickly

Sophos ZTNA is much leaner, cleaner, and therefore easier to deploy and manage than traditional remote access VPN. It enables better security and more agility in quickly changing environments with users coming and going - making day-to-day administration a quick and painless task and not a full-time job.

Gate Access

Control Access to SaaS Apps

Utilize ZTNA and Microsoft Azure Active Directory to provide secure access control to SaaS applications like Salesforce and Dropbox.

Control Access to SaaS Apps

As an alternative or supplement to SaaS application allowed IP ranges, you can utilize ZTNA and your Azure AD identity provider to control access to important SaaS applications – blocking denied devices and unauthorized users from accessing important cloud apps and data.

Top Six Advantages of ZTNA

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The Ultimate Remote Access VPN Replacement

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Enhanced Security

ZTNA eliminates vulnerable VPN clients, integrates device health, and removes the implicit trust and broad network access that VPN provides. It allows granular access to resources defined by policies based on health and identity to enhance your security posture.

Easy Management

ZTNA is built to scale quickly and easily, unlike old-school VPN. It's cloud-delivered and cloud-managed in Sophos Central. Sophos ZTNA offers a unique single-agent, single-console, and single-vendor solution with Sophos Intercept X for easy deployment and management.

Transparent Experience

ZTNA works reliably everywhere without getting in the way — at home, hotels, airports, or in the office. It just works — always. Users won't even know it's there, which means fewer support calls and fewer headaches for everyone.

Sophos ZTNA:
Single Agent, Single Console, Single Vendor

Sophos ZTNA is the only zero trust network access solution that is tightly integrated with next-gen endpoint, XDR, and MDR.



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Unified Endpoint Security: ZTNA, Endpoint, XDR, and MDR

With Sophos ZTNA, you can secure your application access and protect your endpoints and networks from ransomware and other advanced threats with the most powerful machine learning and next-gen endpoint technology available while also enabling advanced cross-product detection, and response. You get holistic end-to-end protection, detection, and response that's effective and easy to use.

Single Agent

Sophos is unique in delivering an innovative integrated single agent solution for both endpoint and ZTNA – that deploys with just a single click. You might not even need an agent, since some web browser-based apps don't require one.

Single Console and Single Vendor

Sophos ZTNA is part of the world's most trusted cybersecurity ecosystem, managed from a single cloud console – Sophos Central. You deploy, manage, and report on your entire cybersecurity estate from a single pane of glass. No other vendor offers this kind of integration and simplicity.

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Active Threat Detection and Response

Sophos ZTNA takes full advantage of our unique active threat response capability by sharing health information between Sophos products to automatically limit compromised devices from accessing networked applications. If a user’s device becomes compromised, it won’t be able to spread beyond that device.

Synchronized Security Heartbeat

Shares device health between Sophos products such as Intercept X, Sophos Firewall, ZTNA, and more so these products can automatically respond to an active threat on the network.

Efficient Threat Response

Compromised devices automatically isolate and contain threats and prevent lateral movement until they are cleaned up.

Active Threat Response

Any device identified as having an active threat is automatically isolated and contained by other Sophos products until it is cleaned up, preventing lateral movement of ransomware and other attacks.

Sophos XDR and MDR Integration

Sophos ZTNA integrates with Sophos XDR and MDR and enables security teams to investigate and analyze user and application access activity such as denied access attempts and much more.

How It Works

Sophos ZTNA as a Service (ZTNAaaS) makes zero trust access easy with a single agent and single console, from a single vendor.

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Sophos Zero Trust Endpoint

Run agentless or use our unique lightweight Sophos ZTNA agent that integrates with Sophos Intercept X to provide the ultimate zero trust endpoint solution with Synchronized Security. Sophos ZTNA also works with your existing endpoint protection product.

Sophos Central

Makes ZTNA as a Service easy with quick deployment, granular policy controls, and insightful visibility and reporting from the cloud. It integrates with popular identity providers to enable intelligent access enforcement for your applications through continuous user verification and device validation.

Sophos ZTNA Gateway

Available as a virtual appliance on Hyper-V, VMware, and Amazon Web Services, it’s free and easy to deploy. It makes your applications invisible to the public internet while providing a secure connection for verified users and their validated devices to the applications they need to do their job.

Better Security That’s Easier

Yes, you can have both! Sophos ZTNA provides better and easier security than remote access VPN. It's easier to deploy and scale and more transparent for end-users.

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Flexible Application Access

Get transparent clientless access for web-based applications. Plus, protect your SSH, RDP, VNC, and other TCP/UDP thick applications via the Sophos ZTNA client.

Granular Control

You have complete control over who can access your applications and under what conditions — all from Sophos Central.

Seamless End-User Experience

Your end-users won’t even notice the frictionless and transparent security that’s enabling them to be productive from anywhere.

Cloud-Delivered and Cloud-Managed

Begin your SASE journey with Sophos ZTNA – Our first of many security service edge (SSE) solutions.


Sophos has been a leader in leveraging the cloud to deliver innovative cybersecurity solutions, and we continue to do as we transition into the future. Sophos ZTNA is the first of many SSE solutions to come, delivering security services hosted in the cloud to meet the demands of a modern distributed workforce.

Managed by Us or Managed by You

Sophos is unique in offering you the ultimate cloud-based management solution for all your cybersecurity needs with Sophos Central, as well as offering the option to have us manage it for you with our fully managed 24/7 threat hunting, detection, and response service.

Pragmatic SASE for Everyone

Like you, we’re taking a pragmatic approach to cloud-hosted security services. We’re implementing SASE services in a way that will immediately add value to your hybrid networks, solving your top problems with a distributed workforce and limited resources all while operating in an extremely hostile threat landscape. At Sophos, integration, simplicity, and value are part of our DNA, so you won’t be surprised that they are part of our SASE strategy as well.



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