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Connectivity at the LAN Edge

The Sophos Switch Series provides secure, scalable Ethernet access for your wired and wireless devices and puts your LAN connectivity fully under your control.

Devices, devices everywhere

Many businesses have pieced together a colorful range of network equipment in an attempt to somehow make connectivity work amid rapidly changing requirements. Sophos switches provide a simple solution to connect an ever-increasing range of devices to your network.

Segmentation for security

A security approach to network segmentation often begins at your switch. Configure virtual local area networks (VLANs) to segment your internal traffic and reduce the attack surface in case of an infection or breach. Secure VLANs can prevent guest devices from adding risk and enhance security at the access layer.

SMB and SD-Branch

Ideal for remote and home offices, small and medium-sized businesses, retail outlets and branch offices, Sophos switches come in a range of sizes to suit the connectivity needs of many organizations.

Sophos Switch Use Cases

Sophos switches are ideal to address many use cases and help solve some of the connectivity challenges which businesses are facing today.

Gear brain

SMB and Branch Offices

Switches can extend the connectivity options in small and medium-sized branch offices and offer the flexibility to scale as and when needed.

Deactivate unused switch ports or set up restricted access.



With a firewall in your main office, and SD-RED remote ethernet devices in your remote locations, Sophos Switch integrates perfectly into your SD-WAN deployments.

Find out more about Sophos Firewall and SD-WAN.


Retail/Franchise Outlets

Add security and connectivity to your retail space to meet the growing need for an enhanced user experience. Power devices such as security cameras and access points.

A switch could also connect your printer, kiosk system, and more.

Office chair

Remote Offices

Equip your many remote workers with an entry-level switch to ensure better connectivity in the home and keep work separate from their consumer-grade smart devices.

Add a Sophos access point for an even better experience.

Access Layer Switch Range

The Sophos Switch Series offers a range of network access layer switches to connect and power the devices connecting to the Local Area Network (LAN), while adding security controls and segmentation at the all-important LAN edge.  

Ethernet options

We offer two different series within our model range:

  • 100 Series models offer 1 GE ports plus either SFP or SFP+.
  • 200 Series models are equipped with 2.5 GE and 1 GE ports plus SFP+  (varies by model).

Each series includes models with 8, 24 and 48 ports.

Power over Ethernet

Power over Ethernet (PoE) allows you to both connect and power your PoE-capable devices, such as access points, security cameras and IP phones, via a single Ethernet cable. Your management interface of choice provides visibility into the power consumption and the remaining PoE budget.

Deployment options

While most 24- and 48-port models will find their future home in a rack, our entry-level 8-port models are also suitable for wall mounting or desktop use, making them the ideal choice for deployments outside of the standard datacenter environment. All switches come with a suitable mounting kit.

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One Vendor. One View.

The Sophos Switch Series is both the perfect addition to your existing Sophos product portfolio and offers customers, MSPs, and resellers a single vendor for the full network stack.

Less complexity, less risk

Rather than adding complexity and security risk, Sophos switches seamlessly integrate with your existing Sophos solutions and so remove the risks of multi-vendor deployments.

Cloud-managed in Sophos Central

Sophos Central is the single point of truth for resellers, managed service providers, and customer admins. Whether you’re managing a single firewall or a large distributed network deployment, Sophos Central eases management and has all your other Sophos products just a click away.

Zero-touch deployment

Sophos switches are very easy to set up and deploy. Simply enter the serial number of your switch and click register, to start the process. This simple onboarding process ensures that your switches are up and running in minutes.

Sophos Switch Management

Your Sophos switches can be managed in different ways.

As we plan to add to the configuration options in Sophos Central over time, upon the initial release, you may need to use a different management interface for more in-depth configuration tasks.

Sophos Central icon

Sophos Central

Single pane of glass for all your Sophos solutions. Limited configuration upon first release.

Sophos Central management requires a support and services subscription.

Local web management

Local Web Management

Use this interface to access the full feature set and configuration for your Sophos Switch from day one.

Local web management is included in the purchase price of your switch.

Comand line interface

Command Line Interface

For admins familiar with using the Command Line Interface (CLI) for network management.

CLI management is included in the purchase price of your switch.

SNMP icon


The Simple Network Management Protocol can be used for switch management and monitoring.

SNMP management is included in the purchase price of your switch.

Why Sophos Switch?

The Sophos Switch Series is part of a broader product ecosystem. This provides enhanced visibility and minimizes the overall management overhead.

Secure Access Portfolio

The Sophos Secure Access Portfolio includes products and solutions for secure access inside and outside of your network. With ZTNA for secure access to applications, SD-WAN and remote Ethernet devices, Sophos Firewalls, access points, and now switches, we have your LAN and Service Edge access fully covered.

The Sophos Ecosystem

While some other vendors may be able to offer a broad portfolio of network products, no vendor can offer the breadth of products which Sophos can. Our in-house development, single cloud management console and pioneering cross-product integration options are unmatched and will add to the functionality which we can offer with Sophos Switch in future releases.

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