Cybersecurity as a Service for Educational Institutions

Always-on cyber protection for students, faculty, staff, and data — both on and off campus.

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Keeping Schools and Universities Secure 24/7/365

From endpoint and network protection to managed detection and response, our blend of tech solutions and human-led threat hunting elevates your cyber defenses, frees up IT capacity, and adds expertise without adding headcount.

Sophos Solutions for Education


Tight budgets make it tough to secure every endpoint, upgrade or replace outdated technologies, or hire qualified personnel to tackle today's cyber threats.

With a user-friendly platform and round-the-clock Managed Detection and Response (MDR) services, Sophos provides superior cybersecurity protection — and peace of mind — without breaking the bank.


Phishing scams are often the first way attackers sneak into an institution's network. Every time your faculty, staff, and students open an email, you're at risk!

Sophos helps you stop attacks by locking down your endpoints plus we give you the support you need to educate faculty, students, and staff on recognizing and responding to cyber threats.


In these days of hybrid learning, remote services are a vulnerable — and lucrative — entry point for cybercriminals looking to access your institution's network.

With Sophos, you have the power to control access to valuable information across your network. And you can count on us to monitor and defend your remote services 24/7.


Cyber attackers set their sights on the education sector for its vast attack surface and valuable research assets. 

Our cutting-edge AI-led technology, paired with real-time threat intelligence, works tirelessly to prevent, detect, and resolve threats across networks of any size.


Improving your IT team's cyber expertise or asking them to do more with less is challenging when you lack staff or available talent.

Whether working alongside you — or independently — Sophos detects, monitors, and protects your network 24/7, so you can boost IT capacity without adding cybersecurity headcount.


With constant threats, limited control, and a jumble of single-use tools, managing cybersecurity in EDU is a colossal undertaking. You need to focus and simplify.

Sophos' cybersecurity solutions are purpose-built for education. Go turnkey or get more value from your existing investment by integrating your tools with ours for enhanced network visibility.

Sophos can help you meet CISA Cybersecurity Guidelines for K-12.

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Designed With Education Institutions in Mind

Special Education Pricing Plus E-Rate Eligibility

Sophos offers schools special discounted pricing to ensure you can deliver uncompromised cybersecurity and support uninterrupted learning while meeting the unique budget requirements of educational institutions.

Further, Sophos network protection solutions qualify for E-rate funding, further stretching budgets for U.S. schools and libraries, while protecting your network from unauthorized access to information, software, and systems.

Sophos and the E-Rate Program

Sophos Solutions for Education

Block Ransomware in Education

Sophos blocks ransomware, keeping your students safe and your institution up and running without fear of attack. With unique threat prevention capabilities, Sophos recognizes and stops ransomware before it takes hold.  With a comprehensive suite of solutions, including Sophos Endpoint Protection, Sophos Extended Detection and Response, Sophos Managed Detection and Response, and Sophos Rapid Response that all integrate and synchronize via our Adaptive Cybersecurity Ecosystem, Sophos delivers unparalleled protection and advanced threat detection, prevention, and response.

Sophos Minimizes the Risk and Impact of Ransomware

Ransomware Solution Brief

The State of Ransomware in Education 2024

Key survey findings:

  • 63% of lower education and 66% of higher education hit by ransomware
  • 85% of attacks on lower education and 77% of attacks on higher education resulted in data encryption
  • Education reported the second-highest rate (71%) of successful backup compromise across sectors
  • Exploited vulnerabilities were the most common root cause of attacks in educational organizations
  • 62% in lower and 67% in higher education paid the ransom to recover data; 75% and 78% used backups for data recovery, respectively
  • Average recovery cost: $3.76M in lower education and $4.02M in higher education

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Cybersecurity as a Service

IT security staff shortages, budget cuts, and a challenging recruiting climate make fighting the targeted attacks schools face difficult. With Sophos MDR, your organization is backed by an elite team of 24x7 threat hunters and response experts who take targeted actions on your behalf to neutralize even the most sophisticated threats. Should you find yourself in the middle of an incident, our Rapid Response will quickly find, remove, and mitigate the attacks.

MDR Case Study

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Network Security Purpose-Built for Education

Sophos Firewall and a suite of our network security solutions include features purpose-built for higher education, K-12, and primary or secondary education institutions.  With built-in features and policy settings for compliance with local regulations, such as pre-defined activities like “Not Suitable for Schools” and features like SafeSearch, YouTube restrictions, and keyword filtering, Sophos helps ensure student safety online without restricting learning.

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Sophos Firewall for Education

Sophos and CIPA Compliance

Advanced Protection to Tackle Shadow IT

Your users may deploy unapproved apps to make their jobs easier. This leaves your network and data at high risk. Eliminate risky apps and keep everything moving without getting in the way of your day-to-day operations.

Intercept X with XDR

Intercept X with XDR gives you oversight of which apps are installed on your users’ devices. Any unsanctioned apps in use can be addressed directly – and even remotely uninstalled where necessary. 

Sophos Firewall

Sophos Firewall can give priority to trusted network traffic, ensuring critical processes can continue without disruption. Plus, it gives you visibility and control of shadow IT, enabling you to identify and stop activity that may put your organization at risk.

Adaptive Cybersecurity Ecosystem (ACE)

Sophos’ adaptive cybersecurity ecosystem ensures Intercept X and Sophos Firewall work together to identify all network traffic and automatically clean up threats.

Sophos Solutions to Secure Students, Faculty, and Data

Sophos offers the industry’s broadest suite of advanced cybersecurity products and services, all integrated via our Adaptive Cybersecurity Ecosystem, and available to be managed by you or by our team of 24x7 elite threat analysts. Each standalone product is made more powerful and effective by the data shared across the platform. You choose the level of support you need to ensure you have complete protection across your entire network, right down to individual devices.

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