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Get world-leading security services and tools that defend against even the most advanced and novel ransomware attacks.

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66% of organizations were hit by ransomware in the last year and ransomware is the top 
cause of cyber insurance claims. Stopping ransomware requires strong, adaptive defense technologies across your environment together with 24/7 human-led detection and response.

For the best ransomware defense, deploy Sophos Endpoint on all your devices and use Sophos MDR or Sophos XDR to detect and respond to advanced, human-led attacks. Further extend your protection with Sophos Email, Sophos Firewall, and Sophos NDR.




(Sophos managed)

(Self managed)

Sophos Endpoint (Intercept X)
Sophos Email
Sophos Firewall
Sophos NDR

 (requires Sophos MDR or Sophos XDR)



Sophos Endpoint: the foundation 
of your ransomware defense

Top-rated for protection by SE Labs and MITRE, Sophos Intercept X Endpoint includes multiple innovative technologies that automatically stop ransomware attacks before they impact your business.

Challenge: Remote ransomware attacks use a compromised machine to encrypt protected devices.

CryptoGuard universal ransomware protection stops both local and remote encryption, rolling back files to their unencrypted state.

Challenge: Ransomware actors are getting faster, leaving defenders less time to stop the attack.

Adaptive Attack Protection dynamically enables heightened defenses when a human adversary is detected, containing the attack and buying defenders time to respond.

Challenge: Exploited vulnerabilities were the #1 
root cause of ransomware attacks in the last year.

60+ exploit mitigations stop the techniques adversaries use to exploit unpatched vulnerabilities – all deployed automatically out of the box, no configuration required.

Sophos MDR: the best defense against 
advanced ransomware attacks

Active adversaries work hard to move unnoticed, launching attacks during nights and weekends and using legitimate IT tools to avoid triggering detections.

The Sophos Managed Detection and Response (MDR) service provides 24/7 monitoring and expert threat response, proven to stop even the most advanced ransomware attacks.


91% of ransomware attacks start outside standard business hours.

Sophos MDR monitors your environment around the clock, with 500+ threat and malware specialists across seven global SOCs.

Professional Services

71% of IT teams find investigating alerts challenging.

Sophos MDR analysts investigate and respond to suspicious signals and 
alerts on your behalf, taking action to stop confirmed threats. Proactive, human-led threat hunts detect especially stealthy or novel attacks.


Ransomware actors constantly try new approaches.

Sophos MDR detects and stops attacks across your entire environment using security data and telemetry from your existing Sophos and non-Sophos security products.


Sophos XDR: See and stop ransomware attacks in your environment

Designed and used by Sophos’ own threat analysts, the unified Sophos XDR platform enables your own threat analysts to detect, investigate, and respond to ransomware and other threats in the shortest time. It integrates with the Sophos and non-Sophos security tools you use today, so you can get more ROI from your existing investments.

  • Gain full visibility and insights into evasive threats across all key attack surfaces
  • Optimize investigations with streamlined workflows and guidance
  • Rapidly contain threats with accelerated and automated response capabilities


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Sophos NDR: Stop ransomware 
actors exploiting unmanaged devices

Unmanaged devices are a challenge for every organization – and a gift to ransomware actors. In fact, 80% of remote ransomware attacks now start on unmanaged devices.

Sophos Network Detection and Response (NDR) continuously monitors network traffic to detect a wide range of security risks, including rogue devices, unprotected devices, insider threats, zero-day attacks, and threats involving IoT and OT devices.

It enables you to see and remediate unmanaged devices in your environment before they can be compromised by adversaries. Sophos NDR is available to any organization running Sophos MDR or Sophos XDR.

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Sophos Email

Sophos Email: Secure your inboxes from ransomware

Many ransomware attacks start with a malicious email or phishing. Sophos Email blocks more than 
2.5 million malicious emails each week, leveraging SophosLabs’ latest AI-powered machine learning technologies and expertise to defend your inboxes from email-based ransomware attacks as well as business email compromise (BEC) and SPAM.

Sophos Email is available standalone and also integrates for free with both Sophos MDR and Sophos XDR to deliver the industry’s best email protection, detection, and response capabilities in a single platform.

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Sophos Firewall: Get active threat response capabilities at the gateway

Sophos Firewall combines powerful protection and performance with award-winning usability. Active Threat Response capabilities enable analysts using Sophos MDR and Sophos XDR to share threat intelligence directly with the firewall, enabling it to automatically respond without creating new firewall rules.

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Stop An Active Ransomware Attack

If you are in the middle of an active threat, call us at any time to speak with one of our Incident Advisors. Our team will advise on the fastest, most effective plan of action, with most customers fully triaged within 48 hours.

Experiencing an active incident and are interested in the Rapid Response service?
Call your regional number below at any time to speak with one of our Incident Advisors.

Australia: +61 272084454
Austria: +43 73265575520
Canada: +1 7785897255
France: +33 186539880
Germany: +49 61171186766
Italy: +39 0294752897
Netherlands: +31 162708600
Spain: +34 913758065
Sweden: +46 858400610
Switzerland: +41 445152286
United Kingdom: +44 1235635329
USA: +1 4087461064 

Sophos Rapid Response: Expert ransomware response service

This 24/7 team of remote incident responders, threat analysts, and threat hunters provides incredibly fast assistance, identifying and neutralizing active ransomware attacks. Experts in hands-on-combat with ransomware actors, they have seen and stopped it all.

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Sophos Compromise Assessment: Understand if you have been breached

Designed for organizations that want to know if they have been breached, the Sophos Compromise Assessment service is the fastest, most effective means of identifying ongoing or past ransomware activity in your environment. Our team will quickly discover if an attacker has breached your defenses, analyze the risk to your organization, and provide detailed guidance on how to eliminate the threat.

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