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Our award winning solutions for MSPs are easy to deploy, manage, and are highly effective at stopping today’s cyberattacks

  • Next-gen cybersecurity system backed by the power of artificial intelligence
  • Cloud native protection for all your clients in a single console
  • Flexible pricing allows you to easily grow and manage licenses
  • Integrated with key RMM, PSA, and IT documentation vendors

Why partner with Sophos?


Cybersecurity as a System

Designed as a complete system that is synchronized to predict and adapt to attacks using artificial intelligence and easily managed from a single cloud based platform.

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Increase Your Profit

With Sophos MSP Connect Flex program you are in control of how and where licenses are distributed, allowing you the flexibility to offer competitive pricing that maximizes your margin.


Top Level Support

Support is aligned to the needs of your organization, with highly trained technical support representatives available 24/7.

Cybersecurity System for MSPs

Manage all of your clients and solutions from a single console

Intercept X

Signatureless anti-exploit, anti-ransomware, and root cause analysis protect your endpoints from advanced threats.
Learn more about Sophos Intercept X. 

Endpoint Protection

Advanced endpoint protection coupled with a simple, intuitive user experience.
Learn more about our Endpoint Protection.

XG Firewall

Comprehensive next-generation firewall protection that blocks unknown threats, automatically responds to incidents, and exposes hidden risks on your network.

Web protection

Enterprise-grade Secure Web Protection that’s advanced yet easy to use.
Learn more about our web protection.

Sophos Mobile

Sophos Mobile is the comprehensive Enterprise Mobility Management solution that lets you spend less time and effort managing and securing mobile devices.
Learn more about Sophos Mobile.

Server Security

Protect your virtual and physical servers without sacrificing performance, including one-click Server Lockdown.
Learn more about our Server Protection.

Secure Wi-Fi

A simple, effective way to manage and secure your wireless networks.
Learn more about Wireless.


Protect your data in the case of lost or stolen computers. Device Encryption is the easiest way to centrally manage Windows BitLocker or macOS FileVault full disk encryption.
Learn more about our Encryption.

Sophos Email

Protect and manage email in the cloud and simply stop spam, phishing, malware and data loss.
Learn more about Sophos Email.

Cloud Optix

Prevent the next generation of automated public cloud cyberattacks and compliance penalties.
Learn more about Cloud Optix

Industry leading protection against threats


Best Endpoint Security
2018 / 2019 / 2020


Editor's Choice
Best Ransomware Protection


Perfect Score
Mac Protection

Enhanced Automation

RMM and PSA Integrations

Enhance your MSP capabilities with Sophos Central Integrations

See what other MSPs are saying

Case Study

‘We know that Sophos is the only vendor that can take the complexities of cybersecurity and make the entire process easy and efficient. Once you add expertise, knowledge, and customer care in the mix, the path forward is clear.’

Chris Wanamaker, CEO.

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Case Study

‘We have found a sweet spot in delivering the A to Z of IT support to small businesses. We provide our customers with the expertise they need to keep their business operations efficient and secure, enabling them to focus on what they do best – running their organisations,’

Stephen Betts, Director.

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Case Study

‘Lanter Technologies was set up to empower our customers to focus on what they do best – which is running their business. We provide an ‘in-house’ IT experience for the SMB market,’

Rob Hunter, Managing Director.

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Case Study

‘Nearly half of Australian businesses were targeted by ransomware attacks in 2017. If you’re a business owner and don’t have a background in IT security, then it’s not likely you’re aware of how prevalent ransomware is. Without this understanding, you’re going to question the value in security solutions that protect your IT infrastructure – anyone from the industry will tell you how wrong you are.’

Aaron Jacobs, General Manager.

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Case Study

‘MSP pricing model was something that attracted us to Sophos, as this now allows us to bundle services with our managed services offerings on a per user/per device model.’

Nathan Bradbury, CEO.

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Case Study

‘Having a reliable and consistent relationship with Sophos has been great for us because they are a company who stands behind their solutions.’

Andy Hackett, Owner.

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Case Study

‘As a Sophos partner, we can focus on client productivity and being more proactive. We are excited about growing our business, and moving our clients forward.’

Rob Fallows, Owner.

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Case Study

‘Sophos changed our whole approach to delivering security. The single-pane-of-glass management console expanded our visibility and allows us to efficiently manage all our clients from a central interface.’

Gregory Paladino, President and CTO.

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Case Study

‘Sophos bietet die perfekte Lösung für den Sicherheitsanspruch heutzutage, und ich bin persönlich vom strategischen und technologischen Ansatz des Unternehmens überzeugt. Synchronized Next Gen Security bietet entscheidenden technischen Mehrwert.’

Andreas Luithle, CEO.

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Case Study

‘With Sophos Wireless, we know we are providing the right solutions for our clients. Central Wireless will serve them well now and well into the future.’

Brandon Vancleeve, Vice President, Pine Cove Consulting.

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Case Study

‘Sophos gives us a single viewpoint and a centralised picture of each customer. This enables us to quickly respond to any incidents. It’s also easy to upsell and get increased rebates. It’s a win–win situation for everyone.’

Terje Brand, CEO, IMEMO.

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Case Study

‘Sophos always goes the extra mile to strengthen the partner relationship. When it comes to our clients, we feel the same way. An MSP can’t always be an expert, but Sophos has allowed us to become that. By choosing Sophos, we know we’ve made the right move for our business and for our clients.’

Jim Abbott, Sales and Marketing Manager.

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Case Study

‘No security system is completely foolproof, but Sophos gives us the assurance of a rapid response to the latest cyber threats. The Sophos MSP Connect partnership makes it easier for us to plan and deliver services.’

Pavel Adame, Operations Director.

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Case Study

‘Sophos has never failed to find threats. Whenever there has been a major cyber event like WannaCry, Sophos has been the first company to notify me, and each time it’s to say we’re covered.’

Michael Simmons, Managing Director.

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