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The smarter way to simple, secure Wi-Fi.

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You could use multiple consoles to manage your networking and security. But all you need is one.

Sophos Central provides a single cloud platform to manage your Wi-Fi alongside your firewalls, switches, endpoint and server security, email protection, and more.

One platform.

With our single-platform approach, your Wi-Fi is always just one click away from your other Sophos solutions.


Two ways to manage.

Remotely manage your full Wi-Fi estate in Sophos Central or configure individual AP settings in the local user interface.


Three steps to connect.

Our simple setup and configuration mean your wireless networks will be up and running in no time.


Scalable, Cloud-Managed Wi-Fi

Growing your network, one access point at a time.

Hardware resources can limit on-premises, controller-based solutions. With Sophos Wireless, extending your network is as simple as adding another access point.


Active Threat Response

Isolate compromised hosts at the access layer.

In combination with Sophos MDR, Sophos XDR, and even third-party security solutions, Sophos Active Threat Response triggers an automatic response to isolate compromised hosts across all Sophos AP6 Series access points and Sophos switches on your network. This approach prevents lateral movement and facilitates a faster time to remediation at the all-important access layer.

For customers using Sophos Network Detection and Response (NDR), Active Threat Response adds a response action to detections from deep within the network.

How it works


API-Triggered Threat Feed

A threat feed is sent with the MAC addresses of any devices that are potentially compromised.


Distributed on the Network

The feed updates all AP6 access points and Sophos switches managed in the same Sophos Central account.


Automatic Isolation

The compromised devices no longer have access and are isolated across the network.



  • Isolates compromised wired, wireless, managed, and unmanaged hosts
  • Prevents lateral movement and buys you time for remediation
  • Detections can originate from multiple sources (Sophos or third-party solutions)

Active Threat Response is available via Sophos Central for Sophos Wireless (AP6 Series only), Sophos Switch, and Sophos Firewall.

While a Sophos Firewall is not a prerequisite for Active Threat Response with Sophos Wireless, customers who also own a Sophos Firewall benefit from different response actions and enhanced automation, resulting in faster time to remediation at every network layer.

Management Options


Central Management

Sophos Central puts on-site or remote setup, management, and configuration of all your wireless networks and access points just a click away from your other Sophos security solutions and services.

There’s no more switching between consoles, so you can use your time more efficiently and have full visibility at a glance.

AP6 requires a Support and Services subscription. Learn more.


Local Management

The local user interface offers a simple way to log into an individual AP6 when you’re on site. It’s a great way to get system information or change settings if you prefer to use on-premises access.

This management option is ideal if you don’t yet have an AP6 Support and Services subscription or need basic access to a single access point.

Local management is included in your AP6 purchase; central management is recommended. Learn more.

Higher Performance, Better Security: Wi-Fi 6/6E

Improve the efficiency of your wireless LAN.


Wi-Fi for Your Mixed Estate

With support for the commonly used 2.4 and 5 GHz bands, Wi-Fi 6 offers a great wireless experience for users in mixed environments, regardless of the device they're using. Enhanced throughput per area significantly increases performance and reduces latency in high-density networks.


Better Security with WPA3

Wi-Fi Protected Access 3 (WPA3) introduces a more secure initial key exchange. It also mandates the 192-bit cryptographic strength in WPA3-Enterprise mode for better overall security.


Accelerate Your Network with Wi-Fi 6E

For modern environments with new devices that support Wi-Fi 6E, the capabilities and features of Wi-Fi 6 are extended into the 6 GHz band, making use of a cleaner, less congested space.


Sophos AP6 Series Access Points: Wi-Fi 6/6E

Indoor and outdoor access points for cloud management.

AP6 Series

For sites ranging in size from small retail environments to large, distributed offices, our Wi-Fi 6 and Wi-Fi 6E access points provide state-of-the-art technology and best performance across a broad range of usage scenarios.

In exposed or outdoor locations, such as parking lots, manufacturing sites, and outdoor school areas, the IP67-rated AP6 420X can withstand harsher conditions mounted to a wall or pole. Coverage can be further improved or targeted using an optional sector or directional antenna.

Indoor: AP6 420, AP6 420E, AP6 840, AP6 840E
Outdoor: AP6 420X

Compare AP6 Models

For further information, see the Sophos Wireless Features page.


Full Speed Ahead with 2.5G Connectivity

Unlock the full potential of your network.

Avoid Network Bottlenecks

Reap the improved performance benefits of Wi-Fi 6 and Wi-Fi 6E by refreshing your network infrastructure. With 2.5G Ethernet connectivity on your access-layer switches and wireless access points, you avoid network bottlenecks and give your users a better overall Wi-Fi experience.

All AP6 models (except the AP6 420) have at least one 2.5G interface built in for faster LAN connectivity. When combined with our range of 2.5G switches, you can unlock faster speeds across your entire network.

In addition to AP6, the following Sophos products provide 2.5G connectivity:

Access-Layer Switches

200 Series models

  Learn More

XGS Series Firewalls

Select models

     Learn More

Simple, Secure Access for Every User

A better Wi-Fi experience for your employees, guests, and visitors.

Seamless Wi-Fi access within your corporate network offers your employees and visitors the best user experience while also maintaining your security posture.

At many locations, the first thing people do is look for the Wi-Fi password so they can log on. Sophos Wireless provides a simple, scalable solution for enabling ubiquitous Wi-Fi access that’s both secure and reliable.

Features available in Sophos Wireless for corporate and guest access include:



Enterprise Authentication


Rogue AP Detection


RADIUS Accounting


Secure icon

Customizable Captive Portal


Voucher Authentication


Social Login



Walled Garden


Client Isolation


Seamless Roaming



Learn About All Available Features

Cybersecurity as a Service

One vendor, one platform, one view.

Less Complexity, Less Risk

Rather than creating complexity, add Sophos Wireless to your existing Sophos solutions and services and avoid the unwanted overhead and security risks that multi-vendor deployments introduce.

Cloud-Managed in Sophos Central

Sophos Central offers a single platform for resellers, managed service providers, and customer admins. Whether you’re managing a small retail outlet with just a couple of APs or a large, distributed network, Sophos Central makes management simple and efficient by putting visibility and control of all of your Sophos products in a single place.

Click and Connect: As Simple as 1,2,3

Sophos Wireless is easy to set up and deploy. Simply create a wireless network, register your access point, and connect. This simple onboarding process ensures that your Wi-Fi networks are up and running in minutes.




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