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Supports informed decisions by providing detailed, explainable, and proven threat intelligence.

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High-Fidelity Threat Intelligence

SophosLabs Intelix provides threat classification and deep analysis for known clean and malicious objects, including files, web pages, and IP addresses. Receive detailed analysis and just-in-time verdicts for suspicious threat objects.

Intelix is integrated into all Sophos products, providing zero-day protection and threat classification. Customers can incorporate Intelix into products, services, and infrastructure via APIs from the AWS Marketplace or OEM partnerships.

Delivered from SophosLabs' cloud, it provides security without impacting performance. Intelix is the only place where all Sophos detection technologies are applied simultaneously.

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Use Cases

Incremental Protection

Sophos products, such as Sophos Firewall and Sophos Email, and other Sophos products can submit suspicious files to Intelix for deep analysis to accurately detect zero-day threats.

When detonating a file, Intelix sees the entire attack chain, allowing informed security decisions based on the exhibited behaviors, not just the initial file.

Leveraging the scalability and power of the cloud, Intelix can perform more detailed analysis than what's possible on an endpoint or firewall. Intelix includes decades of threat research and machine learning to provide the best conviction of malicious content.

Detailed Analysis

Threat hunters and security analysts rely on protection and detection technology to review and investigate suspicious behavior. Detailed and relevant intelligence is vital to support informed decisions throughout every investigation.

Sophos Intercept X with XDR integrates with Intelix to provide timely and relevant information, reducing the time required for analysts to make informed decisions.

Build Your Own Integration

Intelix can easily integrate into any application or environment and add valuable threat intelligence through API requests. It is available via AWS Marketplace for developers to integrate with existing infrastructure or, via OEM partnerships to build and sell in your product.

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