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CIPA is intended to keep young users safe online, and while the cause is noble, compliance presents a real challenge for many organizations. Fortunately, Sophos provides tools and solutions to help schools and libraries define and establish a CIPA-compliant Internet Safety Policy. Our comprehensive, easy-to-manage solutions offer a safe and secure online environment that is still a robust, powerful tool for learning.

Safeguard minors from inappropriate content

Manage what content students and faculty access online with Sophos Firewall’s powerful web filtering policies. Allow access to educational videos on YouTube with YouTube for Schools and ensure child-appropriate search engine results with SafeSearch option.


Ensure safety of minors on electronic channels

Restrict inappropriate communication sites and social media sites with Sophos URL filter. Scans all files coming in through the web or email for malicious behavior with Sophos Sandboxing. You can identify minors at risk and get details about their activities, including what and where they are posting or what sites they are visiting, with context-aware keyword filtering.


Prevent unauthorized online access by minors

Identify inappropriate or rogue applications like Psiphon and block them with Sophos Firewall’s Synchronized Security endpoint integration. Sophos Firewall helps you identify risky users and behavior and take immediate action against those who put themselves or your network at risk. Validate user identity and device health before granting access to resources with Sophos ZTNA.




See exactly how Sophos can help organizations in their efforts to comply with CIPA requirements.

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CIPA: A Refresher

The Children’s Internet Protection Act (CIPA) requires certain K-12 schools and libraries to certify that they are enforcing an internet safety policy that includes technology protection measures in order to be eligible for federal funding and discounts for internet access through the E-Rate program.



This is not an exhaustive review of all elements of the Regulation, nor is it legal advice. Please consult your own legal experts if required.

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