Threat Prevention

Stop threats with detection and response across endpoints, network, and cloud workloads.

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Advanced threats are outpacing existing security technologies. Organizations need intelligent and automated defense for their networks, endpoints, and cloud workloads to defeat the sophisticated new adversaries. Sophos’ advanced threat prevention technologies offer your organization a multi-layered approach for the widest range of protection from latest threats.

Safeguard your endpoints

Sophos Intercept X, the world's best endpoint protection and cybersecurity services combine deep learning AI, anti-ransomware capabilities, exploit prevention, active adversary mitigations, and other techniques.


Deep Learning Technology

Detect both known and never-before-seen malware without relying on signatures with Deep Learning neural networks built into Sophos Intercept X.


Advanced Anti-Ransomware

Stop ransomware and boot record attacks with Intercept X’s advanced anti-ransomware capabilities like ransomware file protection, automatic file recovery, and behavioral analysis.


Endpoint Detection and Response

Go beyond the endpoint and incorporate cross-product data sources for even more visibility and the ability to drill down into granular detail.


Managed Detection and Response

Proactively hunt threats 24x7 and neutralize even the most sophisticated threats with our managed detection and response services backed by an elite team of threat hunters and response experts who take targeted actions on your behalf.


Protection for All Endpoints

Get complete protection for all your endpoints – desktops, laptops, servers, tablets, and mobile devices across all major operating systems.

Security at the network perimeter

Sophos Firewall integrates a full suite of modern threat protection technologies that enable you to contain threats, automatically block malware from spreading or exfiltrating data out of the network. Get unmatched visibility, protection, and performance for the most demanding networks of today.

Extreme visibility into network traffic - Get complete visibility into risky users, evasive and unwanted applications, and suspicious payloads; plus instantly identify network health and persistent threats.


Stop unknown threats -  Get the best protection against the latest advanced threats like ransomware, APTs, breaches, and more with Sophos’ powerful next-gen technologies like deep learning, dynamic sandboxing, and industry-leading intrusion prevention.


Automate threat response – Sophos Firewall uniquely integrates the health of connected hosts into firewall rules with Sophos Security Heartbeat. An automatic response with dynamic firewall rules and lateral movement protection isolates a compromised host to prevent spread, hacker communication, or data loss. 


Zero Trust Network Access – Enable your users to access only the resources they need and securely connect to important applications and data with Sophos ZTNA.


Secure encrypted traffic – Remove an enormous blind spot by fully enabling TLS Inspection without compromising on performance, protection, privacy, and the end-user experience with Sophos Firewall’s powerful Xstream architecture.


Unprecedented connectivity and control – Get a powerful, flexible network connectivity and security solution for every type of network with Sophos Firewall SD-WAN capabilities. Synchronized SD-WAN leverages application identification with Synchronized Application Control information between Sophos-managed endpoints and Sophos Firewall to optimize WAN path selection for your important business applications with 100% reliability.


Automatic detection and response

High-fidelity detection

We combine deterministic and machine learning models to spot suspicious behaviors and the tactics, techniques, and procedures used by the most advanced adversaries.

Proactive defense

Sophos Intercept X with XDR proactively protects your environment by combining threat intelligence with newly-discovered indicators of compromise identified through threat hunts.

Extended detection and response

Sophos XDR goes beyond the endpoint sending rich network, email, cloud, and mobile data sources to the Sophos Data Lake, a cloud repository for critical XDR and offline device data. Cross reference indicators of comprise from multiple data sources help you quickly identify, pinpoint, and neutralize a threat.

Elite expertise

Our highly-trained team of threat hunters, engineers, and ethical hackers has your back 24/7 with Sophos Managed Detection and Response and Sophos Rapid Response, investigating anomalous behavior and taking action against threats.


Cloud workload protection

Secure your AWS, Azure, and GCP cloud environments from the latest threats.

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Detect Insecure Deployments

Detect insecure deployments, suspicious access events, over-privileged IAM roles, unusual network traffic, and also reduce response times with guided remediation with continuous monitoring of your cloud infrastructure configurations by Sophos Cloud Optix.

Secure DevOps

Prevent security breaches pre-deployment by seamlessly integrating Sophos security and compliance checks with your CI/CD pipelines. Container image scanning and Infrastructure-as-Code (IaC) scanning in Sophos Cloud Optix stops threats into production environment.

Cloud Security Posture Management

Identify vulnerabilities, ensure compliance and respond to threats faster with Cloud Optix that detects insecure hosts, containers, and serverless deployments while monitoring configurations.

Cloud Access Control

Avoid over-privileged IAM roles and stolen cloud account credentials with Sophos AI that can pinpoint unusual access patterns and locations in near real time to identify credential theft.

Automate Threat Isolation and Cleanup

Sophos Synchronized Security enables your firewall and virtual machine security to automatically clean up malware, isolate infected workloads, and block lateral movement attempts.

Protect Cloud Data

Sophos Cloud Optix automatically detects and secures shared storage and database resources. Sophos Firewall identifies shadow IT in the cloud, alerting you of unauthorized behavior. Intercept X for Server stops ransomware while rolling back encrypted files and cleaning malicious code.

Synchronized Response

Get the world’s best cybersecurity system with Sophos Synchronized Security, where all Sophos products share information in real time and respond automatically to incidents to give you a unified, coordinated defense.

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  • Isolate infected endpoints, blocking lateral movement
  • Restrict Wi-Fi for non-compliant mobile devices
  • Scan endpoints on detection of compromised mailboxes
  • Revoke encryption keys if a threat is detected
  • Identify all apps on the network, and more

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