Navigating CISA Cybersecurity Guidelines for K-12

Since the pandemic, over half of U.S. K-12 schools have been victims of cybercrime — with almost all reporting these attacks affected their ability to operate.1

In response, the Cybersecurity & Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) created key security guidelines to help institutions combat this elevated threat. The bottom line: lock down your technology and turn to experts to shore up your defenses.

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Cybersecurity Guidance From CISA

To raise awareness of the growing threat landscape in the educational community, CISA released a report — based on input from K-12 stakeholders — with recommendations that focus on building, operating, and maintaining resilient cybersecurity programs.

Recommendation #1

Prioritize security investments and develop a mature cybersecurity plan.

CISA explores six crucial steps to enhance K-12 security and valuable resources to expedite planning.

Recommendation #2

Recognize and actively address resource constraints.

CISA reveals resource gaps and offers guidance on how to seek additional support from tech partners.

Recommendation #3

Emphasize collaboration and information sharing.

CISA stresses the value of participating in forums like MS-ISAC and K12 SIX and connecting with CISA and other regional associations.

Sophos Can Help You Get Cybersecurity Ready with Expert Resources

In the face of escalating threats, defending against cyber threats can be challenging, particularly in education. Fortunately, CISA's cybersecurity suggestions are straightforward, making it easy for K-12 organizations to implement them.

We've compiled valuable resources focusing on the most critical priorities to help you quickly get up to speed and build an effective cybersecurity program. Here’s what’s included:

Security Measures

Sophos Resources

Implement multi-factor authentication [MFA]

Hindsight #1: Enforce MFA
Things breach victims wish they’d done.

Protecting Sophos Central
How to use the MFA that’s baked into our admin console.

Prioritize patch management

Patch Tuesday
Stay safe with our weekly blog on the latest security patches!

Perform and test backups

Understanding Data Backups
Learn the five types of backups and data recovery restores.

Protect data backups from malicious attacks and theft
Encryption and secure cloud servers are vital for backup security.

Minimize exposure to common attacks

Threat Research
Get insight, intelligence, and analysis from Sophos X‑Ops threat experts in the field.

State of Ransomware 2023
Surveyed organizations are dealing with harsh realities and implementing robust defenses.

The State of Cybersecurity 2023
Explore the business impact of cybersecurity and get actionable tips on boosting defense strategies.

Cybersecurity Guide for the Education Sector
Learn how Sophos helps educational institutions quickly identify and respond to advanced threats, 24x7x365.

Establish a cyber incident response plan

Cybersecurity Blueprint
Our proven framework helps you holistically address risk at your organization.

Incident Response Guide
Prepare for a worst-case scenario with these ten essential steps. 

Implement training and awareness for all

Anti-Ransomware Toolkit
Strengthen your defenses and empower users to help prevent unauthorized access.


1  Securing K-12 Education Providers Against Cyberthreats

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