Cybersecurity is too complex, too difficult, and changes too fast to be effectively managed by most organizations.


[that’s where we come in]









We can manage your cybersecurity with
cybersecurity as a service.

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How We Do It



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Sophos Managed Detection
and Response Service


We use hundreds of cybersecurity experts + advanced AI


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We monitor your network, servers, and computers 24/7



We protect your organization from cyberthreats


Sophos MDR Is Compatible With What You Already Have 

No need to rip and replace. Sophos Managed Detection and Response works with the tools and processes you already have—making it easier to get up and running with cybersecurity as a service.

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Works with major cybersecurity vendors


A powerful API if you need deeper integration


Sophos Central provides you with complete visibility

Whether you want a lot of assistance or a little, we can help.

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Sophos MDR Services Protect More than 10,000 Organizations, and Counting

“Standardizing security
across our organization
and between branches
will provide exactly what our customers expect.”
Chase Granger, Dir Information Systems
“We haven’t found another product that can boast the high detection and low false-positive levels of Intercept X”
Denney Fifield, Dir of Tech SVCS
Strong and Hanni
“The Value of Integrated
Security Systems and
Unparalleled Protection”
Sara Delvinger, IT Tech Services

Del Monte
“Sophos has set the bar for security. Its products integrate seamlessly to better service a company’s whole environment.”
Wil Craig, Head of IT, HydraFacial
“The Sophos Central platform is accessible from anywhere and this has greatly simplified things for us.”
Ugo Ojeda, IT Director, Universidad del Pacífico
“Sophos stops everything malicious and provides us with alerts, so we can respond quickly—and that’s worth its weight in gold.”
Cliff Hogan, CIO, D4C Dental Brands
“Switching to Sophos Central was a simple transition and 80% of the work was carried out within just one week.”
Andy Bone, Head of IT, NAHT
Best Managed Security Services Offering
Editor’s Choice Best Ransomware Protection
4.8/5 Rating for Endpoint Protection
Perfect Score Mac Protection
Leader 2021
#1 Exploit Protection

It’s Time to Focus on Outcomes
(Not  Products)

See how the Vancouver Canucks did it. Cybersecurity as a Service has allowed them to spend less time becoming cybersecurity experts and more time improving their business.

Now It’s Your Turn. Trust Your Cybersecurity to the Cybersecurity Experts. 

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