Sophos in Healthcare

Healthcare institutions are custodians of enormous amounts of patient health information that is worth a fortune in the dark web world. Lack of adequate cyber defense combined with innovative technologies, soaring numbers of internet-connected medical devices, increased use of telemedicine, and the boom in BYOD are pulling the healthcare industry deeper into cyber trouble. In addition, these organizations are under increasing pressure from regulatory agencies to protect their data.

Sophos can help you protect your patients’ privacy and your organization’s reputation. You’ll support your ongoing efforts to meet compliance mandates and protect valuable data including electronic medical records and patient information against data loss.

One solution for your multiple
needs - Sophos.

  • Protect your Patients’ Privacy

    Securing sensitive healthcare information is vital and healthcare organizations need to make sure that they do everything they can to stop data breaches that can lead to significant legal liabilities. We help you make sure that your data is kept secure. Our security and data protection uniquely integrates endpoint, email and web security, and network access control to deliver easy-to-use solutions that keep your data safe, wherever it goes. The Data Control module in our core antivirus engine allows the engine to check attachments to see if they contain personally-identifiable information, and allow administrators to put policies in place around the movement of this data. Sophos SafeGuard encryption offers the simplest and best data protection solution that secures data wherever it goes, when you share it or even upload onto the cloud over apps like Dropbox.

  • Stop Ransomware

    The high value of sensitive medical data is making the healthcare sector a favorite target for ransomware. Sophos Intercept X prevents the malicious, spontaneous encryption of data by all forms of ransomware—even trusted files or processes that have been hijacked—with its CryptoGuard feature. CryptoGuard works on your endpoints and servers, detecting and stopping ransomware from encrypting your files. It complements your existing security, blocking processes that attempt to make unauthorized modifications to your data. Once ransomware is intercepted, CryptoGuard reverts your files back to their safe states.

  • Take control of your remote sites

    Provide the same level of protection for all remote sites, from branch offices to doctors working remotely or using mobile devices. Our XG Firewall, amongst other benefits, provides an easy way to enable you to take back control of remote sites in conjunction with our Sophos RED devices. You are even able to provide wireless access at these remote sites which can be fully managed from your main office.

  • Full Visibility and User, App Control

    Get real-time visibility and control over users, applications, and web category across all locations in your network. Our patented Layer 8 technology gives you user-level controls over applications, bandwidth and other network resources regardless of IP address, location, network or device – giving you complete control over who is doing what in your network. You can ensure prioritized bandwidth for business-critical apps with our Traffic Shaping (QoS) feature and limit bandwidth for non-business applications.

  • Get your BYOD strategy right

    Bring your own device (BYOD) is currently the most common driver for new technology deployment. But how will you secure your network if you have unmanaged devices running on it? How do you enable secure access from mobile devices without hindering doctors on the job? What access should you grant an unmanaged device to your network? How can you protect users on your network when they are using an unmanaged device? There is no simple answer to BYOD, but we can help you to securely implement a BYOD device strategy in a simple way. The benefits this could bring are numerous, not just in terms of overall cost savings, but also all the way through to improving healthcare engagement.

  • Unprecedented Network Visibility

    Sophos’ granular and user identity-based reporting gives you visibility into your institution’s surfing trends, bandwidth and system utilization, Internet usage, intrusion alerts, and more. The reports include search engine queries and forensic reports on individual user activity, enabling you to understand behavior and take early action. Reports are generated on the Sophos XG Firewall without any additional purchase required. Administrators are also able to view traffic in real time and choose to instantly block or shape that traffic. To enhance or extend your reporting needs, Sophos iView gives you an option of a dedicated reporting appliance.

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