End-to-End Security to Protect Patient Data

Protect your patients’ privacy and highly valuable information like PHI against data loss, and support your efforts to meet stringent compliance mandates and industry best-practices.

Protect Patient Privacy

Sophos uniquely integrates endpoint, web and email security, and network access control for easy and robust security for your PHI. Sophos SafeGuard Encryption helps to keep your data secure wherever it goes, and Sophos Mobile keeps PHI secure on mobile devices.

Stop Ransomware

Sophos Intercept X prevents the malicious, spontaneous encryption of data by all forms of ransomware—even trusted files or processes that have been hijacked, with CryptoGuard. It works on endpoints and servers, detecting and stopping ransomware from encrypting your files.

Take control of your remote locations

Extend your secure network to remote sites as well as doctors working remotely or using mobile devices with Sophos RED devices. Sophos Mobile protects sensitive healthcare data with a rich set of EMM capabilities, containers and market-leading encryption.

Full Visibility and Control over Users, Apps

All Sophos products offer security event logs that can be used for incident detection and response. User awareness across all areas of our firewall governs all firewall polices and reporting to enable next-gen control over applications and users.

Comply with HIPAA, HITECH, and emerging regulations

Sophos protects your sensitive healthcare data, like the PHI, when at rest, in use, or in motion. Learn how Sophos can support your efforts to comply with HIPAA.

More cloud. Less server.

Protecting the UK Public Sector.


Case Studies

CVCH relies on one product to protect confidential patient data—Sophos Mobile Control.

North of England Commissioning Support consolidates cyber security to better and more easily protect existing and new customers.

SightLife has deployed Sophos UTM and Sophos RED to provide enterprise class firewall and VPN security for an ever-growing global operation.

Informatics Merseyside implement Sophos to protect NHS Trust systems and reduce time spent managing endpoints.

Southend University Hospital discover Sophos UTM as a natural replacement for Microsoft TMG.

A Trio of Sophos Security Solutions Protect Healthcare Organization Galeno from Ransomware Attacks and Advanced Cyber Threats

Case Studies

‘One of the easiest migrations ever carried out’ by The North East Ambulance Service NHS Foundation Trust

North of England Commissioning Support consolidates cyber security to better and more easily protect existing and new customers

Sophos, IT Health, and St Helens and Knowsley Health Informatics Services team up to streamline IT solutions.

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