Protection of your data, everywhere and all the time.

Data is the new currency for organizations. And its integrity is their biggest concern. This becomes more and more the case as most corporate data is generated and consumed on mobile devices – increasing the risk of data loss exponentially. Sophos offers a complete data protection solution on multiple devices and operating systems. Whether your data resides on a laptop, a mobile device, or on the cloud or other file sharing method to allow for collaboration, Sophos keeps your corporate data protected without impacting your performance.

Sophos and Data Protection

Data Protection through Encryption

Sophos data protection solutions protect your data whether on mobile devices, home computers, USB sticks or on the cloud, by encrypting all your devices and data transparently. Experience secure collaboration and control over files within your organization with Sophos SafeGuard. It goes beyond simple folder permissions and guarantees that only the right people access the right files while still allowing IT to manage file back-ups.

Data Protection over Email

Protect your data by keeping your users away from targeted attacks, spear phishing, malicious email URLs and more with Sophos Email filtering. Reduce your risk to data loss over email by protecting sensitive data with automatic email encryption and pre-packaged DLP definitions. Stop inadvertent data leakage by encrypting and digitally signing your sensitive emails, automatically and transparently. Our unique patent-pending SPX Encryption allows users to manage their encrypted mail in their preferred email client—online or offline, desktop or mobile.

Data Protection with Web Threat Protection

Get the most advanced web threat protection, enforced at the gateway and on the endpoint, to safeguard your data from threats coming in through the web. Our high-performance web malware engine inspects all web traffic in real time. Real-time reputation filtering protects you from newly infected websites as soon as they come online. Customizable web filtering lets you select from billions of sites in 56 categories to create safe web browsing policies.

Data Protection on Mobile Devices through Containerization

A lot of valuable data moves over or resides on your users’ mobile devices when these devices are used to access emails or to collaborate through file sharing and IMs. With Sophos’ containerization technology, you can secure email, content, apps and more. Sophos Email Container isolates and secures your company emails, calendars and contacts on users’ mobile devices. Sophos Content Container offers Secure Workspace to enable your employees to securely access the files they need to work on mobile devices. Sophos Corporate Browser allows you to offer secure browsing access to the most used business sites for your users.

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