Data Loss Prevention

Protect sensitive data across networks, users, and clouds.

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Protecting different types of sensitive data held at multiple places where it is stored or used can be challenging. Sophos’ preventative and active protection tools ensure secured data across the entire network, right down to individual devices.

Secure the device or workload that holds the data

Secure data on Windows, Mac, Linux, and virtual machines with Sophos Intercept X with XDR. It offers industry-specific data loss prevention rules to elevate your protection.


Protect data and secure mobile devices with a rich set of device management capabilities, containers, and market-leading encryption with Sophos Mobile. It keeps sensitive business email and documents protected on mobile devices. Leading antivirus and ransomware protection safeguards users and devices from malicious content and apps.


Cut your risk of a data breach and assess security posture and configurations with Sophos Cloud Optix. It automatically detects shared storage and database resources. Secure your data stored in SaaS apps by identifying shadow IT in the cloud. Get alerts of undesirable and unauthorized behavior and get controls to manage it all with Sophos Firewall.


Safely encrypt Windows and macOS devices with Sophos Encryption that protects your data (and proves compliance) if they’re lost or stolen.



Secure the network that the data flows through

Prevent attacks from reaching your sensitive data, critical systems, and other parts of your ecosystem with Sophos Firewall. It uses powerful next-gen protection technologies like deep learning and intrusion prevention to keep your organization secure.

Control access to your data

Get absolute control over who can access data on your network with Sophos Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA). Very granular controls block lateral movement while ensuring only authorized people can access sensitive data.




Stop loss by email – deliberate or accidental

Stop accidental and malicious data breaches by encrypting PII and other confidential contents in all emails and attachments with Sophos Email data loss prevention and content control that provides advanced data breach prevention with policy-based email encryption.


Identify risky user behavior

Get actionable insights into top risk users and immediately take control of their actions before they become a serious threat to your network. Sophos Firewall correlates each user’s surfing habits and activity with advanced threat triggers and history to identify users with risky online behavior.

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Stay compliant with regulatory requirements

Our strong, innovative product portfolio offers improved data visibility and reporting required by important regulatory requirements such as GDPR, HIPAA, PCI-DSS, CIPA, SOX, POPI, and CIS controls.

Continuously monitor compliance with custom or out-of-the box templates and audit-ready reports for standards such as FFIEC, GDPR, HIPAA, PCI DSS, and SOC2 with Sophos Cloud Optix. Automatically analyze cloud configuration settings against compliance and security best practice standards without diverting resources.


Get automated defenses with Synchronized Security

Sophos’ unique Synchronized Security has Sophos Firewall and Intercept X working together to continuously share health information over Security Heartbeat™ so you know the health of your network at a glance and are instantly notified of any active threats. Get an automatic response with dynamic firewall rules and lateral movement protection that isolates a compromised host to prevent spread, hacker communication, and data loss.

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