Security Built with Your
Virtual Infrastructure in Mind

A growing number of organizations are using virtualization to generate substantial cost savings by reducing their hardware footprint. Sophos helps you secure your virtualized servers and virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) with an ultra-thin agent optimized for VMware vSphere and Microsoft Hyper-V environments, or our full-featured server-specific security.


Malware Prevention for
Virtual Servers and Desktops

Sophos for Virtual Environments works seamlessly with virtual platforms. Instead of installing a traditional antivirus on each virtual machine, you get a lightweight, centralized scanner that secures all guests on a host, giving you faster performance with lower resource use. Get full and automatic cleanup as soon as malware is detected all via an ultra-thin agent on each virtual server or desktop.


Sophos Live Protection

Real-time malware protection from SophosLabs stops previously unseen threats.

Management Console

Your choice of cloud-based or on-premises management console.

Endpoint Protection
for Virtual Desktops

Get complete, layered security for your virtual desktops with Sophos Endpoint Protection solutions. A single, efficient client incorporates antivirus, firewall, HIPS, data loss prevention, web protection and more – saving you on system resources. Stagger scan times with our Virtualization Scan Controller to avoid scan storms. Incorporate the client into your gold image for no-fuss deployment. Easily manage protection for all your virtual desktops, traditional workstations, and servers with Sophos Enterprise Console.


Seamless Server Protection

Sophos Server Protection gives you the flexibility to deploy whatever combination of ultra-thin or full server-specific protection desired, with the option to switch between them without changing licensing. Our full-featured agent runs on popular hypervisors. Or, get the option of virtualization-optimized scanning with a lightweight centralized scanner that runs with a low memory footprint on vSphere and Hyper-V hypervisors, eliminating scan and update “storms". Manage all of them through a single interface with cloud-based Sophos Central or Sophos Enterprise Console deployed on your premises.


Virtual Appliances
for Network Security

Sophos provides a full range of network security solutions delivered as simple-to-manage virtual appliances that offer next-generation firewall security and threat protection equivalent to our hardware appliances. You can easily deploy a web application firewall, secure email or web gateway, VPN, next-gen firewall or unified threat management (UTM) system within your existing virtual infrastructure.


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