The EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) will come into effect on May 25, 2018. The legislation is of global interest as it impacts any company doing business with European citizens – regardless of where the company is based. For the many companies that must comply with the new legislation, the best way to prepare is to implement a solid data protection strategy and process — that includes encryption — in order to be most efficient.

Key Sophos products to help you comply with the GDPR requirements:

Sophos SafeGuard helps you meet this
data protection challenge.

  • Always-on, automatic data protection

    SafeGuard encrypts content as soon as it’s created. It continuously validates the user, application, and device integrity before allowing access to encrypted data for always-on protection that goes everywhere your data goes.

  • Encryption across platforms, devices

    SafeGuard supports Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, and cloud-based file sharing. This allows you to share across platforms and devices – encrypt a file on Mac and open it on Windows without any hassle.

  • Transparent encryption

    Encrypting, decrypting, and accessing information is automatic and transparent to the end user, so keeping data safe won’t interfere with your regular workflow.

  • Proactive data theft protection

    SafeGuard automatically encrypts your content, and the encryption stays on even when it is shared or uploaded on a cloud-based file-sharing system. If the data falls into the wrong hands, SafeGuard renders it unusable. The files remain encrypted and unreadable.

  • Reporting to support compliance efforts

    SafeGuard offers auditing and reporting capabilities that support your compliance efforts, enabling IT to prove that a file, machine, or USB stick was encrypted at the time it was lost, stolen, or breached. This can help give peace of mind to companies that risk high fines if found to have breached of data protection laws.

  • Lost devices, protected data

    Full-disk encryption is an essential first line of defense to protect your data in the event of a lost or stolen device. SafeGuard gives you the ability to manage Windows BitLocker and OS X FileVault 2 encryption from the SafeGuard Management Center.

  • Centralized key management

    The SafeGuard Management Center allows you to centrally manage your encryption policies and keys for all of your devices. Set data security policy for groups and devices; secure, store, exchange, and recover keys; and generate compliance and audit reports, from one console.

Next-Gen security to protect personal data
when stored and transmitted

Synchronized Security

Sophos Synchronized Security links your endpoint and network security products so they can work together as a system and protect your users and personal data across all points of the network. The firewall automatically isolates the compromised endpoints while endpoint protection terminates and removes malicious software.

Firewall configuration to protect personal data

Sophos firewalls allow for granular rule-based control of incoming and outgoing network traffic to specific ports and services. Capabilities like Network Address Translation (NAT), detection and blocking of spoofed IP addresses, and stateful traffic inspection help you protect personal data.

Sophos Mobile Control

Integrated with SafeGuard Encryption, Sophos Mobile Control delivers mobile data protection on mobile devices as well as when the data or files are shared with cloud services. Container technologies for email and content with Sophos Secure Email and Sophos Secure Workspace assure that data can be wiped if a compromise is detected.

Secure personal data within email

Block malware and spam, and support efforts to comply with requirements that mandate the encryption of sensitive data within email using Sophos SPX email encryption and Sophos content-aware data loss prevention. SPX also comes with access to the SophosLabs managed library of sensitive data definitions, including a HIPAA category providing detection of PHI, FDA approved drugs, and ICD-9 classified drugs.

Endpoint device control

Endpoint Data Protection monitors the transfer of sensitive data off the network and also blocks malicious and inappropriate websites. The agent also controls use of removable storage devices and unauthorized applications across multiple platforms.

Protection of personal data wherever it is accessed

Identify and authenticate system access.

  • Close integration of Sophos UTM and firewall with Active Directory and other authentication servers allows you to enforce authentication services like one-time passwords (OTPs) to web admin, User Portal, and more.

  • Sophos Endpoint and Server Protection integrate with Active Directory, which can enforce specific end user policies, such as for DLP, device control, and more.

  • Sophos Mobile Control allows you to enforce encryption and password policy.

  • Device encryption features for iOS, Android, and Windows phones are supported, as is Samsung Knox.

Restrict access to sensitive data by business need-to-know

  • Sophos UTM and firewall allows granular, policy-based control over users, apps, web, and content to limit access to personal data based on business need-to-know.

  • Integration with Endpoint Protection enforces security even off-network.

  • Guest portal provides full logging of all authentication and connection activity with Sophos Secure Wi-Fi.

  • Role-based management separates authorization levels and detailed logging of all access attempts with SafeGuard Encryption.

Track and monitor all access to network resources and personal data

  • Access user-activity snapshot and real-time alerting with Sophos UTM and firewalls.

  • Exercise control over remote access authentication and user monitoring, with logging of all access attempts.

  • With Sophos Wireless Access Points, you can manage all authentication and access monitoring from clients for access to the payment card environment, with logging of all access attempts.

  • With Sophos Mobile Control, get detailed log events of all malicious activities on mobile devices for help identifying suspicious activity trying to access personal data.

  • Mobile Security Privacy and Security Advisor tools in Sophos Mobile Control alert users to apps that try to access the internet and various data sources.

  • Safeguard Encryption provides detailed logging of all access attempts.

How to Comply with the New
EU Data Protection Regulation

This check covers the key areas of personal data security in the proposed EU Data Protection Regulation. It is provided to help companies identify anticipated areas of non-compliance in advance of the Regulation coming into force.

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