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Sophos supports your CIPA compliance efforts

The Children’s Internet Protection Act (CIPA) was passed by the United States Congress and signed into law by the President in December of 2000. CIPA requires certain K-12 schools and libraries, eligible for federal funding support for internet access or internal connections through the e-rate program, certify that they are enforcing an internet safety policy that includes technology protection measures. Sophos supports schools and libraries in their efforts to meet their CIPA obligations with comprehensive, easy-to-manage solutions that offer a safe and secure IT environment and provide robust network availability for learning by students and faculty.

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Key Sophos products that support your efforts to comply with CIPA:

Prevent access by minors to inappropriate sites and content

Manage internet access by minors and restrict access to inappropriate sites with Secure Web Gateway (also available on Sophos XG Firewall/SG UTM) with Sophos URL Filter, which manages millions of sites under 92 categories and is backed by SophosLabs. Allow access to educational videos on YouTube with our YouTube for Schools feature and ensure child-appropriate search engine results with the SafeSearch option.

Ensure online safety of minors

Sophos Secure Web and Email Gateways (both also available on Sophos XG Firewall/SG UTM) offer advanced malware protection on HTTP/S, FTP, and web-based email, as well as protect minors from identity and password theft and more with our real-time antivirus and phishing detection technology. Protect endpoints from inappropriate sites and content— even when off the network — with Sophos Endpoint Protection.

Secure personal identification information regarding minors

Detect and block network traffic attempting to contact C&C servers and identify infected hosts on the network with Sophos Firewall/UTM. Protect minors from identity and password theft and more with the antivirus and anti-phishing technology available with our Secure Email Gateway (also available on Sophos XG Firewall/SG UTM). Encrypt personal information about minors and reduce the risk of information disclosure with SafeGuard Encryption.

Prevent unauthorized access by minors online

Enforce access control based on user identity, source, and destination, MAC or IP address, and deploy flexible authentication options like captive portal and more with Sophos Firewall/UTM. Get complete visibility and control over applications in your network and block inappropriate applications by minors. You can get complete user activity reporting to monitor online activities by minors. Block the use of inappropriate applications and get DLP monitoring with Sophos Endpoint Protection.


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