Password Quick Tips

DOs and DON'Ts to create hard-to-crack passwords

It’s easier than you think to create strong, hard-to-guess, easy-to-remember passwords.


  • Use a password phrase and make it relevant. If you’re joining a crossword site, think "knot my pencil" and write it something like this: |<n0tmyP3n$il
  • Make it something you can visualize. It’s easier to remember that way
  • Make it more than 10 characters and include capitals, numbers and symbols
  • The more personal the better. For a clothing retail site think "mY5orit3$hirt’sR3d" (my favorite shirt is red)


  • Use names: pets, businesses, family, friends, etc.
  • Use letter or number patterns: 1234, abcd, etc.
  • Use birthdays, addresses, postal or zip codes, even if you add a number or symbol
  • Use less than 10 characters
  • Store them locally or on the Internet

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