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Leveraged by leading security vendors, SecOps teams and IT brands, Sophos cyber threat intelligence (CTI) solutions help deliver a proactive layer of protection against modern and evasive threats. By integrating Sophos’ comprehensive, curated and AI-driven threat intelligence, you can protect your customers from malicious websites, ransomware, phishing & BEC threats, and never-before-seen malware threats too.

URL Intelligence

  • Comprehensive and highly curated web intelligence – from unique and categorized Malicious URL Feeds to real-time Reputation Lookups delivered from SophosLabs threat intelligence cloud
  • Enables delivering a secure, productive and compliant web experience to your customers
  • Widely integrated in leading network and SaaS security solutions
  • Supplements existing threat feeds for better accuracy, coverage and categorized web security intelligence
  • Helps block a large volume of malicious traffic right at the gateway – phishing and ransomware sites, C2 domains and other harmful websites


Supported Use Cases and Deployment Options:

  • Helps with blocking, hunting, compliance, productivity and security requirements
  • Deploy as on-prem feeds or via real-time cloud reputation lookups

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File Intelligence

  • Accelerate the process of identifying and blocking malicious files on customer networks
  • Fingerprint the malware by analyzing the cryptographic hash value based on the file content
  • Take advantage of comprehensive file intelligence data from SophosLabs on malicious executables, malware hashes, threat actors etc.
  • Leverage AI-powered automated static analysis to classify unknown files in pre-execution


Supported Use Cases and Deployment Options:

  • Helps with malware blocking, hunting, compliance and reporting
  • Deploy via real-time cloud lookups for known file risks or supplement existing security with AI-enhanced file intelligence (RESTful API) for rapid classification and verdict on unseen files

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Containerized AI Models for BEC Detection and URL Classification

  • Detect never-before-seen malicious websites, zero-day phishing and BEC attacks
  • Take advantage of security innovations from Sophos’ data science team
  • Accurately analyze webpage content and URLs for previously unseen and unclassified websites and prevent access to emerging web risks
  • Leverage powerful machine learning models with advanced Natural Language Processing (NLP) capabilities to better detect Business Email Compromise (BEC) scams and phishing emails
  • Achieve faster prioritization and triage of new threats through predictive analysis

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Cloud Sandbox

  • Cloud-based detonation / sandboxing solution to detect and prevent APTs from Web and Messaging security systems
  • Multiple detection technologies to identify most evasive threats including sandbox-aware malware
  • Comprehensive reporting and granular verdicts
  • SOC analysts and security teams can verify or supplement their own data
  • Flexible licensing for a wide range of use cases and business models; RESTful API for integration into any application
  • Single API access to both dynamic (cloud sandbox) and AI static file analysis also available

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SophosLabs Intelix APIs

  • Quickly and easily integrate threat intelligence into new and existing applications and DevSecOps
  • Cloud-based threat intelligence and threat analysis platform
  • RESTful APIs for integration into any application
  • A powerful suite for Security Analysts, DevOps Engineers, App Developers and Cloud Architects
  • Secure your apps in a serverless environment using APIs from SophosLabs
  • Analyze files and web content in your apps, and build safer and secure apps for a cloud-native world

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