Sophos Endpoint: Powered by Deep Learning

Stop malicious threats with artificial intelligence

Much of today’s endpoint security products are not built to face modern challenges. Threats grow more complex every day, and existing cybersecurity offerings struggle to keep up. There’s a steady stream of new malware created every single day. Powered by A.I., Sophos endpoint utilizes deep learning technologies to secure critical business information 24/7.

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Not all machine learning is created equally

Deep learning, an advanced form of machine learning, helps change the way we address endpoint security. Deep learning works like the human brain, offering high accuracy rates spotting existing and never-before-seen malware. By integrating deep learning, Intercept X is ready to face unknown challenges with fast, powerful, predictive defenses.

Deep learning neural networks have consistently out-performed other forms of machine learning when it comes to detecting malware. Smarter than other forms of machine learning, deep learning automatically finds the best combination of inputs for detection. This makes it capable of detecting stealthy malware other engines would miss.

It’s also more scalable. It’s able to “memorize” the entire observable threat landscape as part of its training process. The more information it can process, the more accurate its predictions will be. This is how the deep learning in Intercept X stays up to date at all times. Plus it’s lighter on your machine than other offerings, with almost no impact on performance.

Deep learning threat prevention includes:

Experienced Design

The Sophos malware detection model was created by our team of scientists using DARPA-driven technology – built to uncover the “DNA” of malware.

Proven Effectiveness

Intercept X has been tested by the best. Independent, third-party testers have time and time again found our deep learning technology to be extremely effective with low false positives.

Powered by Sophos X-Ops

Sophos X-Ops data scientists work with hundreds of millions of samples of malware, allowing them to create the best possible prediction models. They team with threat researchers to constantly improve.

Threat detection and remediation built for the future

Sophos Endpoint doesn’t just offer powerful deep learning malware detection. It also provides anti-ransomware, active adversary protection, and anti-exploit technology, as well as the ability to add extended detection and response (XDR) capabilities which also leverages deep learning. This automated, proactive detection works to keep endpoints safe from any complex, advanced attack that comes your way.

Secure Endpoints Better With Sophos Deep Learning Technologies

Don’t let unknown threats keep you up at night. Let the proactive cybersecurity services and products from Sophos enable you to spend less time worrying about threat response and remediation and more time on the tasks that matter most. Sleep well knowing that your assets and endpoints are guarded around the clock by the best experts in the industry.

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