Secure Office 365 With Sophos Central

No Servers. No Malware. No Worries.

How To Secure Office 365

Office 365™ is a fantastic tool for business productivity and Microsoft® provides robust security for customer data held in the cloud.

But you still need email continuity in the event of an outage and your users, workstations, servers and data outside of the cloud all need additional security.

Introducing Sophos Central

Sophos Central is a cloud-managed platform that brings all of your security needs together into one easy to use package.

Like Office 365 you get all the benefits of the cloud. You don’t need upgrades or new servers. There are no maintenance costs. Just simple, effective protection.

And this protection extends right across your corporate network. You can choose security for email, endpoints, mobile devices, web, Wi-Fi, encryption, servers and network – as and when you want.

Powerful Protection In One Package

Sophos Email secures Office 365 with the latest protection against malware, spam and phishing attacks.

It’s incredibly easy to setup, and support for Azure AD Connect means it’s just as simple to use.

And if Office 365 does go down your emails are automatically queued ready to be delivered when service is restored, and the emergency inbox lets your users access company mail.

Get the latest protection against advanced malware and ransomware for your endpoint devices and servers. Lightweight agents mean that you get the maximum protection with the minimum impact on performance.

And as part of Sophos Central’s unified console, setup and management of your policies for servers and users is quick and easy.

Sophos Central Device Encryption is the easiest way to centrally manage Windows BitLocker full disk encryption, using the simple, web-based, Sophos Central Admin console.

Configuration and setup is done in minutes with a three-click policy setup and no servers to install. With self-service key recovery for users and reporting features for compliance, Sophos Central Device Encryption is an extremely powerful addition to any company’s data protection strategy.

Straightforward Management

Security doesn’t need to be complicated. Sophos Central uses a single pane of glass so you can manage everything through an intuitive web-based console. One console for alerts, management and response. It’s that easy.

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