UK Government

As a UK-based supplier to the UK public sector, we help government organisations to secure and control their IT infrastructure and data. With a raft of legislative and regulatory standards to meet, we provide a sophisticated range of encryption, network, gateway and endpoint security suites that are as complete as they are simple to deploy, manage and live with.

Our suites enable you to free up IT staff time by proactively letting you know when you need to take action, allowing you to focus on other areas. We recognise the rigorous strain on government to remain secure and compliant whilst achieving mandated cost saving targets and meeting the rigorous compliance regulations which are required.

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Ensure compliance with EU Data Protection regulations

Sophos can help Government departments to ensure that the data they hold on UK citizens is adequately protected.

Download our sample data protection policy and whitepaper on the new proposed EU-wide Data Protection Regulation.

Mobile Device Management (MDM)

Mobile device management is the most common driver for new technology deployment currently. However, for already stretched IT depts., what access should you grant an unmanaged device to your network? How can you protect users on your network whilst they are using either managed or unmanaged device? Can you remote lock or wipe a mobile device if it is lost? What data is accessible using a device?

It appears as if there is no simple answer to the MDM issue, but we can help you to securely implement a mobile device strategy in a simple way. The benefits this could bring you are numerous are numerous, both in terms of overall cost savings.

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Enforce e-Policies for Maximum Security

Our email protection solutions uniquely integrate antivirus, anti-spam and policy enforcement capabilities, helping you to protect your employees from exposure to offensive content, without restricting freedom of communication. Built in data Control and encryption allows for granular control and secure transfer of GPMS classified documents and emails. Rich policy functionality supports security and regulatory compliance requirements and allows you to configure specific policies for groups within your agency.

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Expert Help Whenever You Need It

SophosLabs, our global network of highly skilled and thoroughly trained analysts has more than 20 years’ experience protecting businesses and governments from known and emerging threats, Our expertise covers every area of network security including viruses, spyware, adware, intrusion, spam and malicious URLs.

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Complete Security

The final objective of any security solution is to improve IT efficiency, whilst keeping everything secure, reduce costs and ensure IT is contributing to the efficiency of the organisation. Giving front line staff secure access to the right data quickly is fundamental. We will help you save time and money in your day-to-day operations by offering a comprehensive suite of solutions.

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