Logansport Savings Bank

11 May 2012

“ The [test] results made it clear to us that we made the right choice when we deployed the Sophos UTM appliance.”
Mike Thompson, compliance officer

Business Challenge

  • Logansport had been running the Sophos UTM when a competitor pointed out a slightly negative review.
  • Although happy with Sophos UTM they felt it was wise to evaluate the two products, just to be sure.

Technology solution

  • For a month they ran Sophos UTM in front of the competitive product, to see what Sophos missed and the other solution caught. After 30 days the appliances were switched round.
  • The test conclusively proved that Sophos UTM provided the best protection and stopped the most threats.

Business results

  • Since the test Logansport has upgraded one location to a Sophos UTM 525 appliance to meet the growth that location has seen.
  • The district also added a new location that was not large enough to warrant a full UTM device. Instead, they deployed Sophos RED at the new location and pushed the security configuration from one of the other locations to this location.