Virtualization Security

Secure Virtual Environments

Streamlined performance. Low impact.

Security Designed for Virtual Environments

Sophos for Virtual Environments is designed to efficiently secure virtual environments running on either VMware ESXi or Microsoft Hyper-V. It eliminates scan storms and update storms by offloading malware detection to a centralized security virtual machine.

Keep your virtualized servers running at peak performance while staying protected from malicious attacks with on-access, on-demand, or scheduled malware detection, as well as automated, multi-component clean-up.

Sophos Live Protection

Real-time malware protection from SophosLabs stops previously unseen threats.

Management Console

A cloud-based management console.

Real-Time Threat Protection

Sophos for Virtual Environments provides real-time capabilities to provide strong protection for your servers and data against malware, including zero-day attacks.

To ensure effective protection without impact, it leverages advanced caching to eliminate redundant scanning and communications when files are known to be good. If a file’s status is unknown, it centrally interrogates and cleans it if needed using Sophos Live Protection cloud-based technology, providing additional protection from previously unseen threats.

Easy and Flexible Deployment

Simply deploy the centralized Sophos Security Virtual Machine on the host, and protect your guest virtual machines with an ultra-thin guest agent. No additional appliances or third-party components required. Create policies, view alerts, and request scans for all your virtual systems from an intuitive management console.

It’s easy to protect physical and virtual environments as every Sophos Server Protection license can be used for either. And that same license allows multiple SVMs (centralized scanning VMs) to protect workload VMs and provide failover between those SVMs so that protection continues if connectivity to the original SVM is lost.

Single Point of Security Management

Get consistent management of your security policies across the entire environment, virtual and physical, on premises, or in the cloud with Sophos Central. Manage your servers alongside endpoints, mobile or wireless devices, and web and email gateways with simple, easy-to-manage policies within a single console.

Get visibility and management of your VMs protected by Sophos for Virtual Environments in Sophos Central:

Flexible Licensing

Sophos for Virtual Environments is included in all Sophos Server Protection licenses. Manage your deployments with a cloud-based console:

Sophos Central

Cloud-management environment

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Sophos Enterprise Console

On-premises management server

These licenses can be used across physical and virtual servers. And Sophos for Virtual Environments is easily deployed on the hypervisor of your choice, without additional components. Perfect for mixed environments or if you prefer consistency across VMware v/Sphere/ESXi and Microsoft Hyper-V environments.


Our rich, agent-based Sophos Server Protection also provides next-gen protection for server workloads. Gain access to One-Click Server Lockdown while whitelisting trusted applications, CryptoGuard, malicious traffic detection, and more.

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