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Server Security

Powerful Protection for Servers

Ensure the highest level of security for your mission-critical servers. Sophos Server Protection integrates server application whitelisting/lockdown with our advanced anti-malware and HIPS. This provides you with effective protection against zero-day attacks.

  • Server application whitelisting/lockdown—protects against known and unknown threats
  • Device Control protects against data theft via USB sticks
  • Malicious Traffic Detection blocks or alerts based on traffic to known Command and Control URLs
  • Application Control limits the applications that can execute, further reducing the attack surface
  • Server Lockdown allows only specific applications and associated/trusted files to run
  • Comprehensive malware scan before lockdown — your servers are locked in a known-good state

Next Gen Simple Management

Performance Without Impact

Sophos Server Protection ensures that while protecting your Windows, Linux, UNIX, and virtualized server environments from malicious attacks your servers continue running at peak performance.

  • Extremely lightweight with a small footprint
  • Automatic scanning exclusions increase performance and reduce risk of disturbing key applications
  • Small delta updates are compressed to speed updates
  • Optionally schedule scans
  • Server application whitelisting/lockdown — permits only trusted applications, further enhancing performance

One-Click Server Lockdown

Get powerful protection with our lockdown capabilities that let you whitelist your applications and lockdown your servers simply by clicking a button. Sophos One-click Lockdown automatically recognizes your server applications and creates trust rules, making your ongoing maintenance and change management a breeze. And, One-click Lockdown lets you easily enable a “default deny” policy for your servers, providing comprehensive protection from both known and unknown threats.

  • Powerful protection with the click of a button
  • No manual creation and management of whitelisting rules required
  • Sophos Server Authority automatically establishes and manages trusted changes
  • Prevents in-memory attacks

Server Application Whitelisting Whitepaper

Secure VPN One Click VPN

Easy to Deploy and Manage

Whether you choose to manage in the cloud or on-premise, Sophos Server Protection is simple to set up and is just as easy to manage and maintain.

  • Automatic trust rules simplify management
  • Sophisticated functionality coupled with a simple, intuitive user experience
  • Unified policy model lets you manage all servers and associated policies from a single screen either on premise or in Sophos Central

Optimized for Virtual Environments

Your servers have gone virtual, and so have our products. Our full-featured server agent runs with a low memory footprint on popular hypervisors, such as vSphere, Hyper-V, and XenServer.

Learn more about virtualization security.

Security For Every Platform

We support a broad range of platforms, so you can protect every server in your organization. Along with Windows Server, Sophos Server Protection secures the most popular flavors of Linux — including CentOS and Ubuntu — as well as Unix-based operating systems.

On-Premise or Cloud

Deploy and manage your server protection the way that best suits you. You can choose cloud or on-premise management options. Either way, you get powerful protection and an intuitive interface to manage your servers.

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