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Intercept X for Server Features

*See the Linux datasheet for details on Linux capabilities

Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR)

Sophos Intercept X Advanced for Server with XDR integrates powerful endpoint detection and response (EDR) with best in class server protection. Built for both IT admins and cybersecurity analysts, it adds significant value when performing IT operations and threat hunting tasks. Unlike other EDR tools it adds expertise, not headcount by replicating the skills of hard to find analysts.

Extended Detection and Response (XDR)

Sophos Intercept X Advanced for Server with XDR integrates network, email, cloud, and mobile* data sources on top of endpoint and server information, giving you an even broader of your organization’s cybersecurity posture. With 30 days of cloud storage included you can look back in time to understand how an attempted breach began and conduct real-time investigations.

* coming soon


Today’s ransomware attacks often combine multiple advanced techniques with real-time hacking. To minimize your risk of falling victim you need advanced protection that monitors and secures the whole attack chain. Sophos Intercept X for Server gives you advanced protection capabilities that disrupt the whole attack chain including deep learning that predictively prevents attacks and CryptoGuard which rolls back the unauthorized encryption of files in seconds.

Deep Learning Technology

By integrating deep learning, an advanced form of machine learning, Intercept X for Server is changing server security from a reactive to a predictive approach to protect against both known and never-seen-before threats. While many products claim to have machine learning, not all machine learning is created equally. Deep learning has consistently outperformed other machine learning models for malware detection.

Exploit Prevention

Exploit prevention stops the techniques used in file-less, malware-less, and exploit-based attacks. While there are millions of pieces of malware in existence, and thousands of software vulnerabilities waiting to be exploited, there are only handful of exploit techniques attackers rely on as part of the attack chain – and by taking away the key tools hackers love to use, Intercept X stops zero-day attacks before they can get started.

Managed Threat Response

Sophos Managed Threat Response (MTR) provides 24/7 threat hunting, detection, and response capabilities delivered by an expert team as a fully-managed service. Sophos MTR fuses machine learning technology and expert analysis for improved threat hunting and detection, deeper investigation of alerts, and targeted actions to eliminate threats with speed and precision. Unlike other services, the Sophos MTR team goes beyond simply notifying you of attacks or suspicious behaviors, and takes targeted actions on your behalf to neutralize even the most sophisticated and complex threats.

Cloud Security Posture Management (CSPM)

Detect your Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud workloads in addition to other critical cloud services such as serverless functions, database and S3 buckets. Identify suspicious activity or insecure cloud deployments and close security gaps.

Server Lockdown & File Integrity Monitoring

Server Lockdown (whitelisting) ensures that only the applications you want on your servers can be run. It only takes a single click and it doesn’t require server downtime. File integrity monitoring (FIM) notifies you if attempts are made to tamper with critical files.

Deploy Anywhere

Secure your Windows and Linux* deployments whether they are in the multi-cloud, on-premises, virtual or a mix of them all. Deployment across mixed setups is straightforward, using a singular agent. Policies can also be applied to all servers even in mixed environments, making deployment, configuration and management quick and easy.

*See the Linux datasheet for details on Linux capabilities


Block Unknown Threats

Intercept X for Server uses deep learning, an advanced form of machine learning that detects both known and unknown malware without relying on signatures.

Deep learning makes Intercept X for Server smarter, more scalable and more effective against never-seen-before threats. Intercept X for Server leverages deep learning to outperform security solutions that use traditional machine learning or signature-based detection alone.


Stop Ransomware in Its Tracks

Intercept X for Server includes anti-ransomware capabilities that detect malicious encryption processes and block them before they can spread across your network. Both file-based and master boot record (MBR) ransomware is stopped.

Any encrypted files are rolled back to a safe state so your employees can continue working uninterrupted, minimizing the impact to business continuity. You get detailed post-cleanup information so you can see where the threat got in, what it touched and when it was neutralized.

See and Secure Multi-Cloud Environments

Detect your Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud workloads, as well as critical cloud services including serverless functions and databases.

Detailed Multi-Cloud Inventory

Visualize your entire cloud environment, even in multi-cloud setups and get insight into configuration issues, resource wastage and potential security issues.

AI-Powered Anomaly Detection

Artificial intelligence constantly monitors your cloud environment, notifying you of any irregularities and preventing configuration changes that would leave you vulnerable.

Automated Assessment

Keep your cloud infrastructure at peak performance with automated best-practice scans that advise necessary remediation steps to fix issues.

Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR)

Designed for both IT admins and cybersecurity analysts, Intercept X Advanced for Server with XDR helps organizations quickly answer business critical questions. Choose from pre-written, fully customizable queries that give you access to both rich on-device data and offline information stored in the Sophos Data Lake. Use cases include:

  • Identify servers that have RDP and SSH enabled
  • Detect processes trying to connect on non-standard ports
  • Locate servers with software vulnerabilities

Extended Detection and Response (XDR)

Intercept X Advanced for Server with XDR goes beyond servers and endpoints, pulling in rich network, email, cloud and mobile* data sources to give you an even broader picture of your cybersecurity posture. You can quickly shift from a holistic view down into granular detail. (Cross-product visibility requires additional Sophos XDR-ready products). For example:

  • Cross reference indicators of comprise from multiple data sources to quickly identify, pinpoint and neutralize a threat
  • Use ATP and IPS events from the firewall to investigate suspect hosts and identify unprotected devices across your estate
  • Understand office network issues and which application is causing them
  • Identify unmanaged, guest and IoT devices across your organization’s environment

*Coming soon

Managed Threat Response


Threat Hunting

Proactive 24/7 hunting by our elite team of threat analysts. Determine the potential impact and context of threats to your business


Continuous Improvement

Get actionable advice for addressing the root cause of recurring incidents to stop them occurring again



Initiates actions to remotely disrupt, contain and neutralize threats on your behalf to stop even the most sophisticated threats

A Single Console For All Your Security Applications

Sophos Intercept X for Server is integrated into Sophos Central, your console for managing all your Sophos security products. Configure and administer all your tools in one place.

Endpoint Protection

Sophos Intercept X is the world’s best endpoint protection, combining ransomware protection, deep learning malware detection, exploit prevention, EDR, and more in a single solution.

Managed Threat Response

Sophos Managed Threat Response provides 24/7 threat hunting, detection, and response capabilities delivered by an expert team as a fully-managed service.


Sophos Firewall offers an innovative approach to the way that you manage your firewall, and how you can detect and respond to threats on your network.


Sophos Cloud Optix delivers the continuous analysis and visibility organizations need to detect, respond, and prevent security and compliance gaps that leave them exposed.


Sophos Mobile is a secure Unified Endpoint Management solution that helps businesses spend less time and effort to manage and secure traditional and mobile endpoints.


Sophos Email protects sensitive information, and your people, from unwanted and malicious email threats with the latest artificial intelligence.


Sophos Phish Threat keeps your users safe with effective phishing simulations, automated training, and comprehensive reporting.


Sophos Central Device Encryption provides centrally-managed, full disk encryption from a single, integrated, web-based management center.


Sophos Wireless provides an easy, effective way to manage and secure your wireless networks.


Sophos Web Appliance makes web protection simple by providing advanced protection from today’s sophisticated web malware with lightning performance that won’t slow users down.


Intercept X for Server combines ransomware protection, deep learning malware detection, exploit prevention, CSPM, EDR and more into a single solution.

Straightforward Licensing and Deployment

Whether you have cloud, on-premises, virtual servers or a mix of them all, the license policy and agent deployed is the same.

  Sophos Intercept X Advanced for Server Sophos Intercept X Advanced for Server with XDR
Foundational protection
(Including app control, behavioral detection, and more)
Next-gen protection
(Including deep learning, anti-ransomware, file-less attack protection, and more)
Server controls
(Including Server lockdown, file integrity monitoring and more)
(Cloud Security Posture Management – see and secure your wider cloud environment)
(Endpoint detection and response)
(Extended detection and response)

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