Network Storage Antivirus

Network Storage

High-tech security for high-tech storage.

High-performance antivirus for NetApp, EMC and Sun storage systems.

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2014 Threat Report

Threat Report


Network Storage Antivirus

Real-Time Protection

Detect, quarantine and delete malware before it has a chance to wreak havoc on your network with on-read and/or on-write scanning. Our full-featured server security client protects you from known and new threats.

Scales to Your Needs

Available load balancing and failover options ensure that your systems remain protected, even during heavy usage.

Centralized Management

Why spend valuable time jumping from console to console when you can manage everything from the same interface you use for Sophos workstations and servers? Configure policies and update schedules, view reports, and set up alerts for detections in one easy-to-use console.

Note: Certain management functionality is not available through Sophos Enterprise Console with Sun storage systems.

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