Sophos Launches Intercept X for Mobile

Know Your Enemy

Ransomware is a $1 billion business that often evades traditional anti-malware. Learn what you’re up against and how to stop it.

Stop Ransomware Now

Intercept X Endpoint is the world’s best ransomware protection. It uses behavioral analysis to stop never-before-seen ransomware and boot-record attacks.

Firewall Best Practices to Stop Ransomware

Modern firewalls are purpose-built to defend against advanced ransomware attacks, but they need to be given an opportunity to do their job.

Read this whitepaper to learn how ransomware attacks work and get best practices for configuring your firewall and network to give you the optimum protection against ransomware.

The Rise of Targeted Ransomware

Ransomware may not be hitting the headlines right now, but ransomware is not dead. It’s just become more sophisticated. Attackers are switching to targeted ransomware like SamSam, BitPaymer, and Dharma. It’s harder to stop and even more devastating for their victims than before.

Anti-Ransomware Toolkit

This free anti-ransomware kit is packed with useful information for IT Managers as well as tools to educate users on the threat, including:

  • Anti-ransomware security checklist
  • How to stop ransomware whitepaper
  • Posters for your workplace
  • PPT presentation to educate employees
  • Short video for employees
  • Email promoting video

Get Complete Ransomware Protection from Sophos

Secure your Endpoints and Servers

The CryptoGuard technology in Sophos Intercept X is the world’s best anti-ransomware protection. Available for endpoints and servers, it stops both local and remote file encryption, returning data to its original state.

Protect your Network

Sophos XG Firewall is packed with protection technologies to keep ransomware off your network. Plus the elegant, intuitive interface makes it easy to lock down your remote desktop protocol, protecting against targeted ransomware.

Learn More about Ransomware


Anti-Ransomware Settings for Sophos Products

Sophos solutions defend you against ransomware and other advanced threats. Make sure you apply the best practice settings for maximum protection.