How to Stay Protected

Don’t Be Part of the Next Botnet

The rapid growth of the Internet of Things means that even your doorbell, fridge and microwave can be hacked and forced into a botnet.

But it isn’t just home-users at risk. Organizations are being targeted with bespoke malware in order to compromise networks and add servers and devices to malicious botnets.


How Botnets Work

2016’s Mirai botnet was the largest attack to-date, taking down Twitter, CNN and Netflix to name but a few.

So how do attacks on this scale take place? How does an infection start? And most importantly, what can be done to keep your organization secure?

The first line of defense - a next-gen firewall.

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Sophos XG Firewall

XG Firewall is packed full of advanced features that keep your organization’s network botnet-free.

Stop botnet malware from
getting a foothold

Block complex, multi-
stage attacks

Automatically identify and
isolate infected systems

Take a Technical Deep Dive

SophosLabs has taken an in-depth look at the Betabot (aka Neurevt) botnet, examining its capabilities; explaining how configuration data can be extracted and decrypted and how to decode communications between bot and command and control server.

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