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Xstream Architecture

Sophos Firewall’s Xstream architecture puts trusted traffic and applications on the FastPath. You get all the protection you need without compromising performance, privacy, or the end-user experience.


Xstream TLS Inspection

Industry-leading performance, flexibility, and transparency across all the encrypted traffic on your network


Xstream DPI Engine

Deep packet threat protection in a single streaming engine for antivirus, IPS, web, app control, and TLS inspection


Xstream Network FastPath

Automatic and policy-based intelligent offloading of trusted traffic processing at wire speed

Cross-product integration

Sophos Firewall integrates with other Sophos products to share information about threats, identify users and apps, respond to active attacks, and isolate devices based on their health status.

Automatically Respond to Active Threats

Integration with Sophos MDR and Sophos XDR provides Automated Threat Response.


Increase Visibility Across the Network

Integration with Sophos Intercept X helps you identify compromised devices or unknown apps and prevent lateral movement.


ZTNA Gateway Built-In

A fully integrated ZTNA gateway allows you to quickly and easily deploy our solution for granular access control.

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Performance for the enterprise and campus edge

Sophos XGS Series appliances include a programmable, dual-processor architecture with enterprise-grade acceleration for your trusted traffic and applications.

No-Compromise Performance to Serve Thousands of Users

Engineered from the core to serve high-performance networks, the XGS 7500 and XGS 8500 models support connection speeds of up to 100 Gbps and offer up to 34 Gbps with threat protection.

Scalability to Address Changing Requirements

We give you the flexibility to adapt and extend connectivity over time and use our programmable software architecture to accelerate performance with every release.

Powering Your Journey to the Cloud

Whether you’re still fully on-prem, running a hybrid infrastructure, or well on your way to the cloud, our architecture design ensures that your investment in Sophos Firewall is fully future-proofed and enables a seamless transition to a cloud-enabled world – whenever you’re ready.

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The Best Protection to Stop Unknown Threats Dead

Sophos Firewall offers the best protection against the latest advanced threats like ransomware, crypto mining, bots, worms, hacks, breaches, and advanced persistent threats (APTs) with unique and innovative technology designed to catch threats we haven’t even seen yet.


SophosLabs Intelligence

Powered by deep learning, we identify new and zero-day threats before they get on your network.


Sandstorm Sandboxing

We deliver the ultimate in affordable protection by analyzing suspicious files in a safe cloud environment using the latest technology from Intercept X.


Intrusion Prevention

Industry-leading IPS offers high-performance protection against the latest network exploits.

Securing Your Hybrid Networked World

Sophos Firewall creates a security service edge (SSE) for your hybrid networked world by integrating cloud protection solutions into your on-premise firewall to enhance security and boost performance.

Using a common cloud powered by AI and machine learning, all zero-day threats and malicious URLs are instantly shared across all Sophos customers, immediately protecting everyone when a new threat is discovered. All this is done in the cloud, offloading it from your firewall to maximize performance.

What you get:

  • Integrated, cloud-based Sophos DNS Protection for ultra-high performance website compliance and security
  • Integrated cloud-based zero-day protection with dynamic sandboxing and machine learning analysis
  • Integrated ZTNA gateway to secure your applications and provide zero-trust access
  • Powerful integrated SD-WAN with easy cloud orchestration designed for maximum scalability and resiliency
  • A single-cloud console that integrates management, reporting, telemetry sharing, and XDR/MDR threat hunting and response


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Connecting Your Distributed Enterprise

Sophos Firewall includes unique capabilities that provide unprecedented visibility, giving you granular control over access and connectivity for all your locations.

Synchronized SD-WAN

Xstream SD-WAN in Sophos Firewall includes powerful features to enable your SD-WAN connectivity, quality, security, and continuity goals.

Zero Trust Network Access

Integration with Sophos Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA) offers a secure and simple way for users to connect to important applications and data.

SD-WAN Orchestration

Sophos Central cloud-managed SD-WAN orchestration simplifies the setup of complex site-to-site SD-WAN overlay networks.



Powerful management. Seamless scalability.

Sophos Firewall provides powerful cloud-based central management and reporting tools that enable seamless scalability as your organization and network grow.

Group Firewall Management

Sophos Central’s powerful cross-estate management tools simplify configuration changes, license management, firmware updates, and backup management.

Central Firewall Reporting

Powerful centralized reporting enables you to visualize your network using a variety of built-in reports or your own custom reports.

Plug-and-Play High Availability

Get added scalability, resiliency, and peace of mind with an HA cluster. For improved cost efficiency, you get active/passive redundancy while only needing to purchase a license for the active device.

Don’t Take Our Word For It

Sophos earned a 4.7/5 star rating based on 884+ reviews on Gartner Peer Insights.

Sophos Firewall - Gives you the best performance you need even after enabling all these features

Sophos Firewall - Blocks unknown threats and automatically responds to incidents by isolating compromised systems

Sophos Firewall - The security and visibility provided by Sophos is [sic] incredible

Sophos Firewall - Integrates fully with the rest of our IT estate

Designed to fit your network

Sophos Firewall offers a powerful and modular line of hardware appliance models as well as software, virtual, and cloud deployment options to fit any network.

XGS Series Appliances

XGS Series Appliances

Sophos Firewall offers a full range of top-performing hardware appliances with modular connectivity options for all your LAN, WAN, and wireless needs, including Wi-Fi, cellular, copper, and fiber interfaces.

Software, Virtual, Cloud

Software, Virtual, Cloud

Sophos Firewall is available as a software appliance, supports all the popular virtualization platforms, and is available on both Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services to protect and connect your public, private, and hybrid cloud networks.



Our unique zero-touch SD-RED edge devices make extending your secure network to remote and branch locations and industrial control system (ICS) devices simple and easy. Flexible SD-WAN and VPN connectivity options help ensure that you meet your WAN reliability and quality goals.

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