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Visibility, Protection, and Performance

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Xstream Protection

Sophos Firewall’s Xstream architecture delivers extreme levels of protection, performance, and visibility.


Xstream TLS Inspection

Industry leading performance, flexibility, and transparency into all the encrypted traffic on your network.


Xstream DPI Engine

Deep packet threat protection in a single streaming engine for AV, IPS, Web, App control, and TLS Inspection.


Xstream Network FastPath

Automatic and policy based intelligent offloading of trusted traffic processing at wire speed.

Performance for the enterprise and campus edge.

The latest Sophos XGS Series appliances come with a programmable, dual processor architecture with enterprise-grade acceleration for your trusted traffic and applications.

  • No compromise performance to serve thousands of users
    Our hardware appliances are engineered from the core to serve high-performance networks. The new XGS 7500 and XGS 8500 models come with a range of connectivity including built-in, high-speed QSFP28 ports to support up to 100 Gbps, and offer up to 34 Gbps with full Threat Protection.
  • Scalability to address changing requirements
    Our flexible product concept not only offers the flexibility to adapt and extend connectivity to address changing requirements, we also have a programmable architecture to continually accelerate performance over time.
  • Powering your journey to the cloud
    Whether you’re still fully on-prem, running a hybrid infrastructure, or well on your way to the cloud, our architecture design ensures your investment in Sophos Firewall is future-proofed and enables a seamless transition to a cloud-enabled world - whenever you're ready.

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Visibility into what’s really happening on your network.

Sophos Firewall removes an enormous blind spot, providing extreme visibility and insight into all your network traffic whether it’s encrypted, evasive, or elusive.

  • Application Visibility
    Get unmatched clarity into evasive and custom networked applications on the desktop and in the cloud for added control
  • Network Health and Threats
    Instantly identify suspicious or malicious threats on your network including the host, user and process responsible

The best protection to stop unknown threats dead.

Sophos Firewall offers the best protection against the latest advanced threats like ransomware, cryptomining, bots, worms, hacks, breaches, and APTs with unique and innovative technology designed to catch threats we haven’t even seen yet.


SophosLabs Intelligence

Powered by deep learning, we identify new and zero-day threats before they get on your network.


Dynamic Sandboxing

The ultimate in affordable protection by analyzing suspicious files in a safe cloud environment using the latest technology from Intercept X.


Intrusion Prevention

Industry-leading IPS offers high-performance protection against the latest network exploits.

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Xstream TLS Inspection

Extremely Fast, Effective, and Transparent

Up to 90% of the traffic passing through your firewall is encrypted. Most organizations are completely blind to this traffic. Why? Because TLS Inspection kills their firewall performance. But not any more.

Sophos Firewall’s Xstream TLS Inspection solves this problem once and for all. You can now fully enable TLS Inspection without compromising on performance, protection, privacy, and the end-user experience.

SD-WAN Evolved

Unprecedented clarity, connectivity, and control.

Sophos Firewall evolves SD-WAN with unique capabilities that provide unprecedented clarity and control over your connectivity needs.

  • Synchronized SD-WAN
    Leverages the 100% application visibility and control that Synchronized Security provides to make reliable SD-WAN path selection and routing decisions.
  • SD-RED Branch Office Connectivity
    Our zero-touch branch office edge devices make SD-WAN deployments simple, easy, and secure.
  • Flexible Connectivity Options
    No other firewall offers as many modular and flexible connectivity solutions as Sophos Firewall with a full range of wireless, cellular, copper, and fiber options.
Management console

Powerful management. Seamless scalability.

Sophos Firewall provides powerful cloud-based central management and reporting tools that enable seamless scalability as your organization and network grows.

  • Group Firewall Management
    Sophos Central provides a powerful set of cross-estate management tools to easily make configuration changes, initiate firmware updates, or manage backups.
  • Central Firewall Reporting
    Powerful centralized reporting enables you to visualize your network utilizing a variety of built-in reports or build your own custom reports.
  • Plug and Play High Availability
    Get added scalability, resiliency, and peace of mind by simply connecting a pair of Sophos Firewalls together to enable high-availability – it’s that easy.

Seamlessly integrate your cybersecurity for better protection

Sophos Firewall is part of the world’s best cybersecurity ecosystem, integrating in real-time with Sophos Central and Intercept X.

  • Sophos Central
    Sophos Central is the most comprehensive cloud cybersecurity management platform available – anywhere. It provides the ultimate in management efficiency and scalability for all your IT Security products from a single pane of glass.
  • Synchronized Security
    Sophos is a pioneer in Synchronized Security, integrating your endpoint and firewall protection to share information and provide features you just can’t get elsewhere, like Security Heartbeat™ for health monitoring, app control, user identification, and much more.
  • Zero-Touch Threat Isolation
    Whether a threat is first detected at your firewall, an endpoint, or server, they all leap into action and work together to provide an automatic response with dynamic firewall rules and lateral movement protection isolating a compromised host to prevent spread, hacker communication, or data loss.

Regain Trust in a World of Zero Trust

On your path to Zero Trust, Sophos Firewall and Synchronized Security lead the way. Trust nothing. Verify Everything.

  • Analyze
    Synchronized Security automatically identifies, authenticates, and verifies users, apps, devices, and their trustworthiness in real-time
  • Adapt
    Security Heartbeat dynamic firewall policies adapt instantly to changes in trust including device compliance, health status, and user, app, or traffic identity
  • Automate
    Synchronized Security automates network access control and device isolation to enable adaptive micro-segmentation

Designed to fit your network.

Sophos Firewall offers a powerful and modular line of hardware appliance models as well as software, virtual, and cloud deployment options to fit any network.

XGS Series Appliances

XGS Series Appliances

Sophos Firewall offers a full range of top-performing hardware appliances with modular connectivity options for all your LAN, WAN, and wireless needs including Wi-Fi, cellular, copper, and fiber interfaces.


Cloud, Virtual, Software

Sophos Firewall is also available as a software appliance, supports all the popular virtualization platforms, and is available on both Azure and Amazon Web Services to protect and connect your public, private, and hybrid cloud networks.



Our unique zero-touch SD-RED edge devices make extending your secure network to remote and branch locations and industrial control system (ICS) devices simple and easy. Flexible SD-WAN and VPN connectivity options ensure you meet your WAN reliability and quality goals.


Cybersecurity as a Service

Join forces with Sophos to strengthen your security posture. Sophos Managed Detection and Response is managed by our team of experts, freeing up your resources for other tasks and increasing your defenses against attacks.

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