It’s Time To Upgrade

Features Previous Generation Hardware Current Sophos Hardware
Performance Baseline Up to 35% faster
CPU Previous Generation 2 Generations Newer/Faster for 1U appliances
1 Generation Newer/Faster for 2U appliances
Memory DDR3-1600 DDR4-2133*
2-4x performance
Less energy usage
Redundant Power 450 and 2U appliances only Available on ALL 1xx appliances and above
Integrated Wi-Fi Wi-Fi 4 available on desktop appliances Wi-Fi 5 available on desktop appliances
3G/4G Module Not available Available on 125(w)/135(w) appliances
Micro USB Not available Available on all desktop and 1U appliances
SFP Not available** Built-in on all 1xx desktops and on 1U appliances
HDMI Not available Built-in on all 1xx desktops and on 1U appliances
LAN Bypass Not available Built-in on all 1U appliances
VDSL Modem (SFP) Not available Available for all appliances from 106 and higher
New Flexi Port
Limited Range New Flexi Port Modules
*excludes entry-level models
**except 3xx models
Advantage 1

Better Performance

Better Performance for Every Environment

From the smallest business to a multi-nation enterprise, a firewall today faces evolving challenges. It has to handle a multitude of new tasks to keep your network running and ensure your data and your business stay protected. And if you’ve invested in faster broadband connectivity, a newer firewall with faster throughput can help ensure that you’re getting the most out of your investment.

Better Performance
Advantage 2

Extended Connectivity

Extended Connectivity and the Flexibility to Adapt

Your environment evolves and changes. The ability to adapt your connectivity can be the difference between a modern network and one that hinders your progress. If you’re working on a tight budget your all-in-one firewall or UTM is probably the backbone of your business. Being able to do more with less is a constant, daily challenge. The modular connectivity options available with the latest models can help you to save money by avoiding the need for additional hardware. Plus, it can also provide a way to stay flexible and even change the connectivity of your device completely.

  • Current XG Series appliances offer the following new connectivity options:
    • A range of Flexi Port modules. Now, with new options such as QSFP+, PoE to connect your APs and other devices, and LAN bypass ports
    • SFP fiber port for direct connection to your WAN/internet via a standard fiber transceiver
    • LAN bypass ports built-in on all 1U models
    • 3G/4G connectivity module for faster performance and increased coverage via external antennas
    • VDSL modem which can be used in any SFP port and removes the need to use a separate router
    • Optional 802.11ac Wi-Fi on all desktop models
    • Second Wi-Fi module option to enable dual-band support (XG 135w only)

    Note: Actual features may vary by model

Extended Connectivity
Advantage 3

Improved Redundancy

Improved Redundancy to Keep Your Network Running

Your firewall is built to run 24/7, 365 days a year over a standard lifecycle. As it ages, the chances of a power supply failure increase greatly, particularly in environments with so-called ‘dirty power.’ While redundant power is a common option on mid- to high-end rackmount appliances, it is very rare on desktop and other entry-level models - at least, it is from other vendors. But redundancy can be much more than just keeping the power running. You may require redundant connectivity for your guest Wi-Fi network which is also completely separated from your own network. Or perhaps you want to add a second appliance for high availability.

Improved Redundancy

What to do now?

Whether you’re using XG Firewall today or thinking of switching to an XG Series appliance from your Cyberoam or Sophos SG UTM platform, the investment in a newer firewall appliance makes a lot of sense. It ensures that you benefit from all of our great connectivity and redundancy options, and also ensures that you can benefit from all the newest innovations.

Speak to your Sophos Partner today to find out how you can benefit from a hardware refresh.