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Constantly evolving threat landscapes and increasingly complex network and IT environments are driving greater demand for dependable security solutions. From antivirus protection to firewall deployments, the market has never been more buoyant. Sophos, with its proven-in-the-field security technologies, allows you to forge profitable OEM partnerships, giving you an opportunity to enhance your solutions and expand value proposition to customers.

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Flexibility in both business and technology remain critical to OEM competitiveness. Knowing this, Sophos helps ISVs and other OEM vendors like networking, wireless, and telecom solution vendors reduce operation, integration, and support costs. This process enables OEM partners to speed time-to-market with rich SDKs, flexible licensing and deployment options, and specialist account managers. In addition, Sophos also provides committed support for marketing and training needs, enabling access to rich resources and joint initiatives.

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Sophos is a respected security leader in Unified Threat Management, Endpoint Protection, and Mobile Data Protection. With a balanced approach on both network and endpoint protection, Sophos continues to innovate and bring compelling capabilities to strengthen and simplify security against evolving threats and manageability needs. Sophos technologies are utilized in our own award-winning products, as well as many of the world’s top technology companies, like Cisco, IBM, FireEye, and Juniper. Sophos is also the power behind the offerings of more than 100+ other OEMs.

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Sophos brings proven technology, all backed by SophosLabs' global visibility of entire classes of threats, and the latest variants. SophosLabs investigates edge cases, monitors trends, and tunes security products for ever-improving protection. And, with Live Protection and Live Anti-spam, you benefit from all our data and analysis in real time.

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As a Sophos OEM partner, you can back up your frontline customer support with our 24/7/365 OEM support at no extra cost. Our OEM support resources deliver precise and timely answers for a wide range of queries including integration, deployment, and other technical questions. With direct access to Sophos engineers and security experts, your business enjoys assured support with Sophos-certified operational and technical resources becoming available as your own support center.

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