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Managed Threat Response

Security vendors can now leverage Sophos’ latest AI Models to enhance their solutions. By tapping into the power of machine learning, Sophos’ OEM security partners can deliver more accurate detection against zero-day phishing, Business Email Compromise (BEC) attacks, suspicious files and URLs. 

AI Protection Against Custom Created BEC and Spear-phishing Attacks

Over the past five years, Sophos has heavily invested in its AI infrastructure. By leveraging new advances in natural language processing (NLP), our technology is now able to detect hand-crafted, never-seen-before, Business Email Compromise (BEC) attacks with near zero false positives.

  • Likely the single largest email threat of the past few years, BEC are particularly difficult to detect as they can forego of payload – whether URLs or files. Novel detection methods are necessary to block these unique attacks.
  • Analyzing email content and word associations, Sophos technology detects over 90% of hand-crafted spear-phishing and BEC attacks.
  • Sophos solution is provided in a container environment to meet the data privacy concerns of your customers.

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Effectively Analyze and Classify Unseen Files

  • AI-based predictive file analysis
  • Machine-learning based reputation scoring to classify files as malicious or benign
  • Files classified as malicious can be submitted for advanced threat assessment
  • Effective in proactive detection of zero-day malware designed to evade traditional defenses
  • OEM partner security solutions can quickly deliver accurate protection against the growing volume of ransomware and zero-day malware attacks
  • Ease of integration and flexible licensing for a wide range of use cases

AI-powered web classification service to classify and block unseen web threats

  • Just-in-time automated analysis of never seen before URLs and web pages
  • Supplements existing web categorization solution by focusing on unknown URLs
  • Augment your web security to close the coverage gap against new and low prevalence malicious sites
  • Modular solution that can accompany threat data feeds and URL look-ups for a complete solution

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