Evolved malware and targeted attacks manage to slip past traditional signature-based antivirus protection and exploit endpoints to compromise network security. This has compelled businesses across verticals to step away from traditional or legacy antivirus. This trend is driving new security revenue. You can seize on this growing trend by offering market-leading, next-gen Sophos endpoint security, available as a white-label solution.

Designed to Disrupt the Cyber Threat Lifecycle

Malware Remediation

On-demand malware detection and remediation with integrated anti-malware scanner

Safe Browsing

Behavior-based protection that warns when malware manipulates the browser


'Self-terminates' sandbox-aware malware


Behavior-based data protection against crypto-ransomware

Webcam Notifier

Blocks the webcam when it is (secretly) accessed

Keystroke Encryption

Protects credentials against keyloggers in the browser

Process Protection

Protects the main executable of a process against unmapping

BadUSB Protection

Blocks malicious USB devices that pose as a keyboard

Network Lockdown

Stops attacks that connect back to command-and-control

Exploit Mitigations

Stops attackers from exploiting software vulnerabilities

Application Lockdown

Stops logic-flaw attacks that bypass exploit mitigations

Unlike traditional endpoint security that focuses on blocking malware threats only from known sources, Sophos next-generation endpoint security is designed to identify and disrupt evolved threats in realtime across the entire cyber attack lifecycle. In creating next-generation endpoint security, Sophos combines an array of signatureless and cloud-assisted capabilities. Our solution not only stops breaches but also works to prevent skilled hackers from compromising endpoints.

Industry-Leading Protection

Leveraging multi-layer defense and combined with its small footprint, Sophos next-generation endpoint security provides excellent exploit protection against both in-the-wild and zero-day exploits. Raise the bar in next-generation endpoint protection with our stellar line-up of features and capabilities.

Stronger Defense Against Exploit Attacks

Using innovative, hardware-assisted Control-Flow Integrity (CFI) check technology, Sophos prevents attackers from hijacking control flow of mission-critical, internet-facing applications. It also secures against cleverly-crafted exploit methods like return-oriented programming (ROP) attacks, where attackers attempt to coerce a privileged program to perform actions on behalf of an unprivileged user.

Behavior-Based Protection Against Ransomware

High-impact crypto-ransomware variants like CryptoWall, CTB-Locker, and others are capable of bypassing traditional antivirus and web filters. Sophos' signatureless technology prevents ransomware from spontaneously encrypting data. Even when trusted files or processes are hijacked for unsolicited encryption, the encryption process is stopped and the field can be safely and securely restored automatically. 

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