Sophos secures customers across different industries and delivers jointly-developed cyber security solutions that provide threat protection, data security, compliance, reporting, threat intelligence, and stronger safeguards for a wide range of industry use cases, including the Internet of Things (IoT). Integrate our award-winning security into your products or solutions to secure critical industry systems and applications.

  • Medical Devices

    Secure lifesaving medical devices from internet threats.

    Connected healthcare poses new challenges for the industry, including patient and research data theft, medical device weaponization, and more. Sophos brings proven security expertise for better visibility, control, data privacy, cost efficiency, ease of use, and speed of deployment. With ready-to-embed threat intelligence and security capabilities, Sophos can help protect lifesaving medical devices from potential internet threats and data leakage.

  • SCADA/Industrial Control Systems

    Partner with Sophos to jointly develop purpose-built cyber security for critical infrastructure.

    With the rapid convergence of IT and operational technologies, previously isolated industrial computing network and CIKR platforms such as SCADA networks, PLC, ICS, and more are increasingly exposed to malware attacks. Sophos provides reliable expertise in network security and can help develop purpose-built cyber security solutions like SCADA-aware firewalls and IPS to protect critical infrastructure against cyber perils while ensuring uninterrupted availability of key processes.

  • Retail

    Embed proven security to protect retail PoS platforms, ATMs, and other consumer platforms.

    From Point-of-Sale (PoS) networks and ATMs to unpatched servers and endpoints, hackers find retail cybercrime increasingly lucrative. Sophos helps retail PoS, IT, and system OEMs with proven and PCI-compliant security capabilities. With hackers increasingly targeting PoS terminals, card processing systems, and financial platforms such as ATMs, Sophos helps reduce security risks to these systems while enabling measures to protect sensitive personal and financial data.

  • Telcos/Mobile Carriers

    Stand out and provide added value with fully brandable and easy-to-integrate security solutions.

    A growing number of telecom service providers are actively providing self-branded mobile threat protection, antivirus, or anti-malware solutions. With cybercriminals shifting their focus to the expanding endpoint footprint, demand for on-device and cloud-enabled security is growing. Sophos provides fully brandable and white-label ready security solutions that are easy to customize and integrate for telcos and mobile carriers.

  • Service Providers/System Integrators

    Ease your security burden – offer cutting-edge security solutions as your own offering.

    Sophos makes it easier for service providers and system integrators to integrate antivirus, web security, email security, and data-leakage prevention into their own solutions. Internet-driven business models increasingly demand reliable security against web-borne threats and email attacks. Sophos helps ease the security burden of their SLAs so they can easily choose which security features and capabilities they would like to add to their own solutions.

Secure the Internet of Things with Sophos

The maturing Internet of Things (IoT) ecosystem introduces a multitude of security challenges for embedded, mobile, consumer, M2M, and other IoT OEMs. From automotive systems like in-vehicle telematics in connected cars to home automation to industrial networking systems like SCADA, security is often considered the most difficult obstacle for embedded-device and software OEMs.

With comprehensive cyber-threat intelligence, industry-leading anti-malware protection, and ready-to-embed security capabilities, Sophos helps build a secure foundation for IoT devices and solutions.

Sophos discusses loT at Mobile World Congress 2016

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