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Email Security Made Simple

No spam. No malware. No problem.

Proven Email Protection

Sophos is a recognized threat protection leader. Our global SophosLabs network provides continual intelligence updates on the latest malware attacks, phishing campaigns, and infected websites.

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Malware and Phishing Protection

  • Keep users productive by intercepting all emails containing suspicious content, attachments, or URLs
  • Uses the latest antivirus and phishing detection technology that constantly updates to detect the latest threats
  • Anti-spoofing technology prevents phishing and imposter emails reaching your users

Stop Spam and Unwanted Mail

  • Reputation filtering blocks more than 99% of spam at the gateway, before it consumes any of your bandwidth
  • An anti-spam engine catches the rest, including the latest phishing attacks
  • Filters incoming email using a variety of advanced detection methods, across dozens of languages

Secures Exchange, Office 365,
G Suite, and more

Shifting your email to the cloud doesn’t mean you have to reduce your security. Securing your email server or service with Sophos Email ensures you get trusted email security powered by the SophosLabs global network. And, you get the reassurance of continuity in the event of disruption to Microsoft services.

  • Simple, fast setup with domain, group, and user synchronization
  • Email spooling protects against service outages, queuing emails with Sophos Email before automatic delivery once service is restored
  • Allows your users to sign-in securely with their Sophos Central Self-Service accounts

Easy to Deploy and Manage

Easy Deployment

Deployment requires a simple MX record change to route email through Sophos Central. Simply bring in users and their mailboxes with our handy Active Directory Sync or Azure Active Directory Sync tool.

Easy Management

We’ve optimized all the daily workflow routines, not only making them intuitive, but also by streamlining the entire process. You’re never more than a few clicks away from adjusting a policy or reviewing quarantined mail

Always-on with Email Continuity

When your email server experiences an outage, when there is a power failure, or a disruption to a cloud-based service — Sophos Email automatically queues all incoming mail until the server comes back online. At that point, all queued mail is delivered — safe and sound.

Avoid downtime with:
  • Automatic alerts if mail can’t be delivered
  • Spooling for delivery, ensuring no mail is ever lost
  • Emergency inbox, allowing access to company mail

Instant Protection

Sophos Email works right out of the box, with default settings giving you instant protection for your mailboxes.
You can simply set your filtering threshold, and everything you need is never more than a couple of clicks away.


Trust the Security Experts

Our big-data analytics system efficiently processes millions of emails, URLs, and files every day.

We provide live protection and live anti-spam so you benefit from real-time data and analysis.

Our labs in Australia, Hungary, England, and Canada ensure instant responses to new threats and analysis of customer submissions, 24/7/365.

Easy Self-Service User Portal

Our self-service user portal helps users help themselves, reducing the workload on your help desk. It lets users access and manage their email quarantine and release messages inadvertently marked as spam. They can also create email-sender whitelists to stop legitimate mail from being quarantined.
  • Quarantine Access

    End users can access their quarantined messages here. They can log in to the portal, or click from the daily quarantine summary to access the quarantine. Your users can quickly preview messages and choose to release or delete them instantly.

Part of Sophos Central

One Location for All Your Security

Simplify your life. Manage email settings and report on security status alongside endpoint, mobile, web, and wireless in Sophos Central. It’s our single, mobile, always up-to-date, globally-hosted platform that’s simple and intuitive. Learn more

Synchronized Security with Sophos Security Heartbeat

Advanced attacks are more coordinated than ever before. Now your defenses are too. Our revolutionary Security Heartbeat lets all points of protection talk to each other. Today it links Endpoint and Firewall, and it’s coming to Email soon.
“Sophos Central is indispensable to our overall security posture.”
JOSHUA CHISUM - Director of Technology and Communications Midway Energy Services

What Are You Waiting For?

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