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Baldr vs The World: A SophosLabs report

A new stealer enjoys a wild ride, but is it a flash in the pan or a long term threat?

A new Equation Editor exploit goes commercial, as maldoc attacks using it spike

Weaponized RTF documents adopt CVE-2018-0798, another Equation Editor vulnerability

‘Oto Gonderici’ Excel formula injections target Turkish victims

A criminal relentlessly attacks Turkish targets with a novel maldoc trick, mostly staying under the radar

16 critical vulnerabilities, some being exploited, fixed in July, 2019 Windows updates

Russian hackers allegedly have been exploiting two vulnerabilities in the course of attacks

CVE-2019-0888: Use-After-Free in Windows ActiveX Data Objects (ADO)

Details of the vulnerability we reported to Microsoft and was fixed in last month's Patch Tuesday

BlueKeep PoC demonstrates risk of Remote Desktop exploit

If you've been deferring installing Microsoft's May monthly update rollup, now's a good time to get started - even if you're still using XP for some reason

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