Universal SDK from Sophos delivers multiple key security capabilities over a single solution, allowing OEM partners to easily deploy additional components like sandbox and machine learning. With its modular, scalable and flexible architecture, Sophos’ Universal SDK reduces the complexity associated with multiple licenses, integration challenges and security R&D.

Modular. Lightweight. Simple.

All modules are included with only one license. Pick and choose modules as your needs change.

  • Faster and reliable integration with mature APIs
  • Reduced management, licensing and operational costs
  • Accelerated business innovation with extension of use cases and business models
  • Add value and capability extension with ease on an as-needed basis.

List of modules

Sophos Antivirus SDK

Provides low-cost and seamless integration of award-winning Sophos Antimalware Engine that provides field-proven protection against malware threats. Uses the cloud to improve threat response, reduce false positives and provide more accurate threat detection

Sophos Machine Learning SDK

Signatureless technology that uses advanced artificial intelligence to rapidly detect and block APTs, ransomware, file-less attacks and other advanced threats. The solution allows retaining the goodness of traditional AV to block known threats and lets you raise the threshold against modern malware with machine learning based protection.

Sophos Cloud Sandbox SDK

Provides advanced detection and fully automated dynamic malware analysis for unknown malware and zero-day threats. Easily integrated into third party products via a comprehensive API layer, it eliminates costly investments in R&D and advanced threat intelligence infrastructure.

Sophos Live Protection

Keeps antimalware protection up to date by performing real-time cloud look-ups for individual files. The solution helps improve the response time to new malware and reduces the amount of data delivered to the endpoints.

Sophos DLP SDK

Optimized for endpoint and gateway performance, Sophos DLP engine allows integrating content-aware data leakage prevention capabilities to monitor and protect sensitive / PII data.

A single integration platform for security vendors

Faster time to market results in faster time to revenue

Developed to eliminate nearly 80% of traditional integration and deployment timelines.

Easily expand as you grow

Helps fill existing security gaps in your current solution. Allows you to choose and integrate the modules you want, when you want.

Award-winning Sophos technologies

Leverage the same technologies that power Sophos' market-leading branded solutions.

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