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Protect the Cloud With Sophos

Security for a Multi-Cloud World

Protection for AWS, Azure, and Google.

Protecting Kubernetes clusters, Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform, and Infrastructure-as-Code environments from the latest threats and configuration vulnerabilities from the Sophos Central single-management console.

  • AWS: Standalone, HA, and auto-scaling network firewalling; workload protection for EC2; configuration and vulnerability management for network security, EC2, EKS, Storage, IAM, ECR and Docker Hub container registries, GitHub and Bitbucket IaC environments, and Lambda. Secure AWS Threat Protection, Monitoring, and Response package for AWS
  • Microsoft Azure: Standalone and HA network firewalling; workload protection for virtual machines; configuration and vulnerability management for network security, VMs, AKS, Storage, IAM, ACR and Docker Hub container registries, GitHub and Bitbucket IaC environments, and serverless functions. Secure Azure
  • Google Cloud Platform: Workload protection for virtual machines and configuration and vulnerability management for network security, VMs, GKE, Storage, and IAM. Secure Google Cloud

Take Sophos for a Test Drive

Get your hands on Sophos Central, a single console featuring XG Firewall, Intercept X for Server, and Cloud Optix.

XG Firewall

XG Firewall protects the network and automates workload isolation with Synchronized Security.

Intercept X for Server

Protect server instances running in the cloud from the latest threats and extend visibility to cloud resources and configurations with essential CSPM features.

Cloud Optix

Optimize public cloud costs and detect security and compliance risks with Sophos cloud security posture management.

Detect Insecure Deployments

Cloud Optix is an all-in-one solution for managing security posture. Continually monitor your cloud infrastructure configurations to detect insecure deployments, suspicious access events, over-privileged IAM roles, unusual network traffic, and sudden spikes in cloud spend. Plus shrink incident response times with guided remediation.


See What You Have

Understand what you have running in the public cloud with Cloud Optix comprehensive asset inventory and network topology visualizations for AWS, Azure, GCP, and Kubernetes environments.


Secure DevOps

Block vulnerabilities pre-deployment. Seamlessly integrate Sophos security and compliance checks at any stage of the development pipeline to scan container images, registries, and IaC templates.


Shrink Incident Response Time

Automatic identification and risk-profiling of security and compliance risks, with contextual alerts grouping affected resources and providing detailed remediation steps and guided responses.

Avoid Blind Spots in Cloud Access

Avoid over-privileged IAM roles and stolen cloud account credentials. Sophos AI connects disparate actions to pinpoint unusual access patterns and locations in near real time to identify credential theft.

Analyzing complex, interwoven IAM roles, Cloud Optix visualizes relationships, making it clear where to make IAM policy changes before over-privileged access is exploited.

Protect Cloud Data and Shared Storage

Your data is everywhere, stored in a variety of SaaS applications and cloud-storage services. Gain visibility over where it's located and get the tools to keep it safe.

  • Cloud Storage: Sophos Cloud Optix automatically detects shared storage and database resources, assessing security posture and configurations to cut your risk of a data breach.
  • SaaS Apps: Sophos XG Firewall identifies shadow IT in the cloud, alerting you to undesirable and unauthorized behavior and providing controls to manage it all.
  • Anti-ransomware: Intercept X for Server protection for virtual machines stops ransomware by intercepting its behavior while rolling back encrypted files and cleaning malicious code.

Optimize Cloud Costs

Optimize AWS and Azure infrastructure costs with Cloud Optix.

  • Improve visibility by tracking spend across for multiple services side by side.
  • Identify unusual activity indicative of abuse with customizable alerts.
  • Receive independent recommendations to optimize AWS spend, and integrate with AWS Trusted Advisor and Azure Advisor.

Connect Remote Workers Securely

  • Easy-to-use VPN Client: Get set up fast with easy-to-use SSL and IPSec VPN configuration options or preconfigured site-to-site VPN devices that can ship direct to remote workers.
  • Secure Virtual Desktops: Susceptible to the same threats as physical devices, secure Windows virtual desktops from malware and exploits while enforcing secure browsing policies, ensuring compliance.
  • Cloud Email Protection: Protect sensitive information, and your users, from unwanted and malicious email when using cloud-based email services, including Office 365 and G Suite.

Automated Threat Isolation and Cleanup

Strengthen your defenses with solutions that talk to one another. Synchronized Security enables your firewall and virtual machine security to share real-time intelligence. Isolate cloud workloads from the internet and availability zones during the automated cleanup of infection. Get better protection against advanced threats and spend less time responding to incidents.

Sophos XG Firewall
The world’s best network visibility, protection, and response to secure cloud networks and web servers.

Sophos Intercept X for Server
Protect virtual machines from the latest threats including ransomware, fileless attacks, and cloud-specific malware.

Synchronized Security
Connect Intercept X for Server and XG Firewall to automatically clean up malware, isolate infected workloads, and block lateral movement attempts.

How Synchronized Security Works

Learn About XG Firewall

Learn About Intercept X for Server

How to Buy

Sophos Cloud Security is available through a global network of channel partners and from AWS Marketplace.