Cloud Native Security for AWS

See and secure your AWS environment from a single pane of glass.

Move fast and stay secure in the cloud with threat detection and response for Amazon Web Services resources. Our connected approach, managed through a single console, protects workloads, data, and apps running on AWS from development to production.

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Comprehensive AWS Service Integrations

Sophos integrates with a wide range of AWS security, compliance, and cost monitoring services with automatic risk assessment and prioritization of alerts.

Infrastructure Visibility and Configuration Management

Access AWS asset inventory and network visualizations of security groups, Amazon EC2, Amazon ECR, Amazon EKS, Amazon S3, AWS IAM, AWS Lambda, and more.


AWS Security Service Integrations

Smart filters analyze and prioritize security risks identified by AWS Security Hub, Amazon GuardDuty, AWS CloudTrail, AWS IAM Access Analyzer, Amazon Detective, Amazon Inspector, and AWS Systems Manager.


Continuous Compliance

Automatically identify security best practices and compliance gaps with guided remediation and support for the CIS AWS Foundations Benchmark.


Cost Monitoring

Track AWS costs for multiple services side by side on a single screen and receive Sophos recommendations to optimize spend or integrate with AWS Trusted Advisor.


DevSecOps Tools

Integrate security into your CI/CD pipeline to scan ECR container images for OS vulnerabilities and AWS CloudFormation templates for misconfigurations pre-deployment.


Support for Amazon Linux 2 and Amazon Linux 2022

Amazon Linux Ready software products are technically validated by AWS Partner Solution Architects for their sound architecture and adherence to AWS best practices.

AWS Security Coverage Across Environments, Workloads, and Identities


Visibility, Governance, and Compliance

View your AWS environments to reduce your attack surface, remediate security risks, and maintain compliance.

  • Use a single console to monitor your security posture across your AWS, Kubernetes, Infrastructure as Code (IaC), and Docker Hub environments.
  • See it all: Asset inventories, network visualizations, cloud spend, and configuration risk.
  • Automate compliance assessments and save weeks of effort with audit-ready reports.
  • Reduce risk without losing speed with IaC and container image scanning.
  • Get peace of mind that resources are prioritized with risk-assessed and color-coded alerts.
  • Access detailed alerts and guided remediation to help your teams build cloud security skills.

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Protect Cloud Workloads and Data

Safeguard your infrastructure and data now and as it evolves with flexible host and container workload security.

  • Get performance and uptime with lightweight Amazon EC2 and container protection via agent or API.
  • Protect it all: Cloud, data center, host, container, Windows, and Linux.
  • Identify sophisticated Linux security incidents at runtime without deploying a kernel module.
  • Secure your Windows hosts and remote workers against ransomware, exploits, and never-before-seen threats.
  • Control applications, lock down configurations, and monitor changes to critical Windows system files.
  • Streamline threat investigations and response with extended detection and response (XDR) to prioritize and connect events.

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Enforce Least Privilege

Implement least privilege across your AWS environments and manage your AWS identities before they're exploited.

  • Ensure your identities only perform their required actions.
  • Visualize complex, interwoven AWS IAM roles to quickly highlight and prevent over-privileged access.
  • Pinpoint unusual access patterns and locations to identify credential misuse or theft.
  • Utilize SophosAI to analyze AWS CloudTrail logs and connect disparate high-risk anomalies in user behavior to prevent breaches.

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Secure Serverless Environments

Use SophosLabs Intelix APIs to build secure web applications that automatically look up threats and perform anti-malware scans.

  • Embed SophosLabs threat intelligence into applications, websites, and in-house security projects via the REST API.
  • Get rich reports that provide actionable insights into a threat's nature and capabilities.
  • Global visibility of threats includes intelligence derived from Sophos-protected networks, endpoints, and cloud workloads.

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Network and Application Security

Sophos integrates multiple leading security technologies into a single preconfigured Amazon EC2 instance to protect your hybrid cloud environments from network threats.

  • Complete AWS firewall solution includes IPS, ATP, and URL filtering and lets you deploy all of your network security products at once.
  • Sophos Web Application Firewall (WAF) protects your cloud workloads against hackers and provides reverse proxy authentication for secure user access.
  • High availability ensures your AWS applications and users can always connect. Sophos UTM Firewall offers automatic scaling for dynamic environments.
  • Flexible SD-WAN, zero trust network access, and VPN make it easy to connect anyone, anywhere.

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Network Detection 
and Response 

Sophos NDR continuously monitors encrypted and unencrypted network traffic to detect suspicious activities that may be indicative of attacker activity, leveraging a combination of machine learning, advanced analytics, and rule-based matching techniques. 

  • Detect a wide range of security risks, including rogue devices, unprotected devices, insider threats, zero-day attacks, and threats involving IoT and OT devices.
  • Enable threat analysts to paint a more complete, accurate picture 
of the entire attack path and progression, enabling a faster, more comprehensive response.
  • Detect zero-day C2 servers and new variants of malware families based on patterns found in the session size, direction, and interarrival times.
  • An extensible query engine uses a deep learning prediction model to analyze encrypted traffic and identify patterns across unrelated network flows.

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We Secure Your Crown Jewels

Johnson Controls trusts Sophos to ensure the best visibility, security, and compliance outcomes.

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Take the Weight of Cloud Security Off Your Shoulders

Our Flexible approach to cybersecurity deployment and management means optimizing security, keeping data secure and private while blocking active threats are goals you can easily achieve.

  • Deploy and manage Sophos protection from a single unified console.
  • Sophos can connect you with an experienced Sophos Managed Security Partner.
  • Sophos' Professional Services Team can help with initial deployment.

24/7 Threat Protection, Monitoring, and Response

Use a single cybersecurity package that fuses automated protection and around-the-clock managed detection and response services to secure your data, prevent vulnerabilities, block threats, and quickly respond to security events.

  • Combines security posture management with compliance, firewall, cloud workload, and endpoint protection.
  • Continuous managed detection and response ensures you can always monitor your AWS environments and analyze and triage security events.
  • Flexible deployment allows you to manage protection on your own or through a Sophos Managed Security Partner for total peace of mind.

Sophos 24/7 Managed Detection and Response on AWS

Beyond Endpoint

Modernize Cybersecurity Procurement with AWS Marketplace

Sophos Cloud Security is available in AWS Marketplace to help customers improve their procurement processes, match the speed of the cloud, and maintain governance. You can also use Sophos Cloud Security towards your contracted AWS consumption commitments.

Sophos Cloud Security in AWS Marketplace