Technical Specifications

Take a look under the hood and get the details on Sophos Email’s award-winning features, including a range of “how it works” videos, giving you all the information you need.

Setup and Management

Sophos Email works right out of the box. Compatible with Microsoft Office 365, Exchange, Google G Suite and many other providers, our default settings giving you instant protection for your business and mailboxes.

Microsoft and Google compatible
Sophos email works seamlessly with the following leading email service provider platforms to offer advanced email security:

  • Microsoft Exchange Online and Microsoft Office 365
  • Microsoft Exchange 2003 or later
  • G Suite from Google Cloud

Support is not limited to these platforms - a simple MX configuration is all that’s required. Contact sales to check if your platform is supported.

Sophos Central cloud management and reporting
Sophos Email protects and manages your email in the cloud through Sophos Central, providing access to the entire range of Sophos Central products through one interface, including web, endpoint, mobile, and server.

Browser requirements for Sophos Central management interface:

  • Microsoft Internet Explorer 11
  • Microsoft Edge
  • Google Chrome
  • Mozilla Firefox
  • Apple Safari

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Active Directory Sync and Azure Active Directory Sync
Microsoft Active Directory Sync (AD Sync) and Azure AD Sync gives organizations a simple way to move on-premises Active Directory or Exchange environments to the cloud with a quick route to on-board users to AD and Microsoft Office 365.

  • Keep users automatically synced with Sophos Email using AD Sync
  • Full support of automatic updating of AD data where businesses have completely moved to the cloud

Pre-set policies simplify setup
Our default settings for spam, malware, and spoofing give you instant protection for your mailboxes by intercepting all email containing suspicious content, attachments, or URLs. You can simply set your filtering threshold, and everything you need is never more than a couple of clicks away.

Dashboard and Reporting
Our mobile-optimized portal allows email administrators to view dashboard summary information at a glance, or drill down into detailed reports covering emails scanned, as well as viruses and spam detected.

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Data center locations
Meet data compliance regulations, or simply improve end user experience, with a choice of global data centers:

  • Ireland (Dublin)
  • Germany (Frankfurt)
  • North America (Oregon)
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Email Security Features

Sophos Email filtering blocks 99% of unwanted email at the gateway and our anti-spam engine catches the rest. Live updates by SophosLabs power Sophos Email filtering, ensuring you’re protected from the thousands of new threats sent every hour.

Live threat updates stop the latest attacks
Anti-malware engines that update hourly like Office 365 offer poor detection rates and will miss many of the thousands of new threats found every hour by SophosLabs. That’s why Sophos Email provides live updates to protect against the latest threats.

Anti-spam, antivirus, and anti-phishing detection
Sophos Email filtering blocks 99% of unwanted email at the gateway with a range of tools and security filters:

  • Reputation filtering blocks 90% of spam
  • Our anti-spam engine that catches the rest, including the latest phishing attacks, filtering incoming email using a variety of advanced detection methods across dozens of languages (outbound scanning coming soon*)
  • Methods such as ‘Sender Genotype,’ our next-generation reputation filtering technology, eliminates botnet spam at the IP-connection level by monitoring connection requests and rejecting those showing evidence of botnet connections
  • Sophos Delay Queue provides protection against snowshoe spam, a preferred method of sending spam campaigns
  • Sophos CXMail advanced attachment scanning blocks infected attachments before they hit the inbox
  • SPF (Send Policy Framework) authentication blocks spoofed email addresses, a common tactic used in spam and phishing attacks

Block infected attachments
Built and maintained by SophosLabs, the CXMail family of detection strategies is designed to stop threats like ransomware that are predominately distributed using email. The higher detection rate of CXMail is achieved by identifying suspicious content that is not regularly associated with email communication.

Specifically CXMail blocks Office documents that serve as downloaders (software that downloads and installs additional malware) and has been very effective in protecting customers from email-distributed ransomware.

Email quarantine
Sophos Email’s easy to use preset controls have your message quarantine policies setup and your business protected in seconds, with quarantined messages available for the past 30 days:

  • High: Messages with a spam score less than 61 will be delivered
  • Higher: Messages with a spam score over 60 but less than 91 will be quarantined
  • Highest: Messages with a spam score over 90 will be deleted if you opt to do so, otherwise they will be quarantined (Sophos Default)

Once set up, don’t tie up your IT team with quarantine release requests – the end user portal lets users release mails on demand, and in-message quarantine digests provide a daily summary of quarantined mail, with the option to release direct from the inbox. However, if your admins need access to manage a user’s quarantine, you can also do this from the Admin view in Sophos Central.

Self-service portal for end users
Reduce the burden on your IT teams – Sophos Email provides your end users with access to the following tools:

  • Manage quarantined emails (accept/delete emails)
  • View messages in the event of an outage using the emergency inbox

Delay Queue to prevent snowshoe spam
Sophos Delay Queue gives you future-proof protection against snowshoe and hailstorm spam, intelligently delaying suspicious mail to run further anti-spam checks, then automatically re-scanning content with updated definitions to increase detection.

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SPF (Send Policy Framework) authentication for inbound email.
Block forged (spoofed) email addresses; a common tactic used in spam and phishing attacks, and ensure you are only accepting traffic from legitimate email gateways.

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Business Continuity

When your email server experiences an outage, when there is a power failure, or there’s a disruption to a cloud-based service, Sophos Email provides the email continuity you need.

Spooling ensures no mail is ever lost
In the event of a disruption to your Microsoft or Google Cloud email service the recipient’s emails are automatically queued with Sophos Email, then delivered once service is restored – with a retry period of five days.

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User access to 24/7 emergency inbox
In the event of third-party cloud email service provider outages, alerts are provided when mail can’t be delivered to a server/service. Email is then queued for delivery to ensure no email is lost, and read access to that queued email is provided from a 24/7 emergency inbox inside the end user portal.

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*Upcoming features in 2017

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