Sophos Wireless Free Trial

The smarter way to simple, secure Wi-Fi
  • Sophos Wireless management and control from our cloud-based Sophos Central admin console
  • A simple-to-use solution to manage your Sophos access points
  • Quickly implement wireless networks and create sites for different locations
  • Easily set up and provide guest access and hotspots
  • Get insights into potential threats on your Wi-Fi networks 

Please note: You can only start a trial if you have a supported Sophos access point.

Getting an Access Point to Start Your Trial
If you do not already own a supported Sophos access point, you will need to request one from your local Sophos partner or sales team before you start your trial.

Find a Sophos Partner

If you have an active Sophos Central account, you can start your Sophos Wireless trial as soon as you have a Sophos access point. To start your trial, log in to Sophos Central, click Free Trials, and select Sophos Wireless.

Take a first look at Sophos Wireless in our online demo.