Intercept X Stops Ransomware

Ransomware is the number one malware attack affecting organizations today. It encrypts your files and holds them hostage until the ransom is paid, causing massive disruption to business productivity.

The proven CryptoGuard capabilities in Sophos Intercept X block ransomware as soon as it starts trying to encrypt your files, returning data to its original state. 

  • Protect endpoints from ransomware attacks
  • Automatically roll back encrypted file changes with no loss of data
  • Stop both local and remote file encryption

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Know Your Enemy

Ransomware is a $1 billion business that often evades traditional anti-malware. Learn what you’re up against and how to stop it.

Stop Ransomware Now

Sophos Intercept X is proven to stop ransomware in its tracks by blocking the unauthorized encryption of files.

Get Under the Skin of Ransomware

How Ransomware Works

Get Complete Ransomware Protection

In addition to stopping ransomware at the endpoint, block this threat at every point in your security infrastructure.





Server Whitelisting in Sophos Server Protection
stops ransomware from running, and Malicious Traffic Detection blocks ransomware from communicating with command and control servers.
CXmail in Sophos Email Appliance blocks emails with ransomware macro attachments while Time-of-Click protection stops users clicking through to infected websites.
Sophos Intercept X gives you the best anti-ransomware protection available, stopping the unauthorized encryption of files with no loss of data.
Sophos Web Appliance blocks ransomware downloads and uploads, plus URL filtering blocks websites hosting ransomware and their command and control servers.

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Anti-Ransomware Settings for Sophos Products

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advanced threats. Make sure you apply the best practice
settings for maximum protection.