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Sophos: Your Partner for the Future of Cybersecurity

Sophos has been a leader in leveraging the cloud to deliver innovative cybersecurity solutions, and we continue to do as we transition into the future. Sophos is uniquely positioned to deliver integrated, interconnected, and unified protection solutions combining zero trust, SASE, and XDR to meet your needs today and into the future.


Zero Trust Endpoint


Secure end-to-end connectivity


Secure Access Service Edge

Unified policy with intelligent enforcement


Extended Detection and Response

Cross-product threat detection and response

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Whether you’re in ITOps, NetOps, or SecOps we’ve got you covered.

Zero Trust Endpoint

In IT operations, trust is a dangerous word. You can’t trust anything, or anyone. Our Zero Trust Endpoint makes it possible to establish trust by continually verifying identity, validating compliance and assessing device health, all while providing end-to-end protection. Trust is now earned, not given, and it’s a critical component of your secure future.


In a world without perimeters, network operations has never faced a greater challenge. Sophos SASE enables protection and compliance anywhere and everywhere. It is the evolution of cybersecurity cloud services designed to work together with your on-premise solutions to provide a unified and economical solution for interconnecting and protecting your users, devices, applications and networks — anywhere they happen to be.


Security Operations are increasingly struggling to keep up. Sophos XDR provides faster, more accurate detection and response — enabling you to see the bigger picture so you don’t miss a thing. Filter through the noise to detect faster, respond faster, and reduce risks. XDR is the future of threat detection and response.

Managed By Us, or Managed By You:

Sophos is unique in offering you the ultimate cloud-based management solution for all your Cybersecurity needs with Sophos Central, as well as offering the option to have us manage it for you with our fully-managed 24/7 threat hunting, detection and response service.

What is SASE? Am I ready for SASE?

Secure Access Service Edge

(SASE – pronounced ”Sassy”) is the continued evolution of cybersecurity in the cloud. You’re probably already using some elements of SASE like Zero Trust or SD-WAN. SASE builds on this to enable security services like web filtering in the cloud.


Pragmatic SASE for Everyone

Like you, we’re taking a pragmatic approach to cloud-hosted security services. We’re implementing SASE services in a way that will immediately add value to your hybrid networks, solving your top problems with a distributed workforce and limited resources all while operating in an extremely hostile threat landscape.  At Sophos, integration, simplicity and value are part of our DNA, so you won’t be surprised that they are part of our SASE strategy as well.


Sophos SASE

As with everything we do, Sophos SASE is designed from the start to simplify your cybersecurity world.
We believe that a successful SASE strategy must deliver on three important goals:


Connect Anywhere

The foundation of Sophos SASE is our Secure Access Portfolio, which is already available today enabling you to connect your hybrid network anywhere, anyhow – easily and economically.


Unified Policy

Sophos SASE leverages Sophos Central to enable you to set your policy once, and enforce it everywhere – on-premise, in the cloud, or on the user’s Zero Trust device – automatically and economically.


Powerful Protection

Sophos SASE combines our best protection technologies: deeply integrated, predictive, automated and extended threat detection and response to protect users, identities, devices, data, workloads, and infrastructure.

Sophos SASE Products and Services


Secure Access Portfolio

SASE starts with secure access to enable you to connect your hybrid network anywhere and everywhere – easily and economically – regardless of user, device, location, or application. Our full portfolio of secure access products are available today and will provide a seamless transition to SASE cloud-based cybersecurity when you’re ready.



Secure Office Access



Secure Office Access


Switch / Access Points

Secure LAN Access


Zero Trust Endpoint

Secure Remote Access

Sophos Firewall

Powerful Protection and Performance
Powerful next-gen firewall protection for your networks available on XGS Series hardware appliances, AWS, and Azure public cloud platforms, or as virtual or software appliances with powerful integrated SD-WAN.

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Sophos Zero Trust Endpoint

Zero Trust Network Access
Transparently connecting users to your important business applications and data with enhanced segmentation, security, and visibility.   Our Zero Trust Endpoint is continually verifying identity, validating compliance and assessing device health, all while providing powerful end-to-end protection for remote users anywhere.

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Sophos SD-RED

Remote Edge Device
Our SD-WAN VPN edge devices provide affordable, easy and secure connectivity for retail, branch offices, remote locations, industrial controls, or IoT devices with zero-touch deployment and a robust encrypted SD-WAN connection.

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Sophos Switch and Wireless Access

Cloud Managed LAN Access
Scalable access layer switches and wireless access points act as the first point of security enforcement and connectivity on the LAN, helping to prevent lateral movement and contain threats.

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Service Edge Cloud Services

Our new and upcoming cloud-hosted cybersecurity services will perfectly compliment and integrate with your current Sophos products to enable easy adoption, unified policy, and powerful protection everywhere – all managed through Sophos Central.

Sophos SD-WAN

Software Defined Wide Area Networking
Powerful, flexible, and simple SD-WAN overlay network orchestration from the Sophos Central cloud enables you to setup and manage the most complex SD-WAN networks between your physical and cloud networks with just a few clicks. Sophos Central does all the hard work for you automatically.

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Sophos Cloud Native Firewall

Private Early Access
Our powerful cloud-native firewall provides ultra-scalable protection for your public cloud and hybrid networks. Isolate and protect container workloads, Kubernetes pods, and web applications as well as ingress and egress from external networks. Sophos CNF provides a truly modernized cloud firewall solution for all public cloud platforms.

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Sophos ZTNA as a Service

Private Early Access
A new cloud-hosted version of our ZTNA solution for controlling and securing access to private hosted network applications. It enables enhanced security, scalability, efficiency, and ease of deployment while providing all the same zero trust benefits related to enhanced segmentation, authentication, security, and application visibility. It utilizes the same unique integrated single console, single agent solution on the client for a seamless transition.

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Sophos Secure Web Gateway

Coming Soon
A new cloud-hosted web security and control platform for public internet applications and traffic. It will ultimately provide unified web policy enforcement across Endpoint, Firewall, and this new cloud-based SWG infrastructure. The first phase will provide a secure DNS service with high-performance, policy-driven filtering that can protect web and all other network access with a zero-footprint, zero-agent deployment.


Sophos CASB

Coming Soon
Cloud-hosted application visibility and control for your third-party SaaS applications. Rich user, application, and traffic insights make it ideal for identifying and acting on Shadow IT and rogue user activity no matter where your users are located.


Sophos Firewall-as-a-Service

Coming Soon
Powerful firewall protection services hosted in the cloud using our next-gen scalable, modular service architecture to compliment and integrate with your on-premise firewall providing traffic filtering and deep packet inspection in the cloud.


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