Cloud Sandbox SDK

Advanced detection and fully automated dynamic malware analysis for unknown malware and zero-day threats

Sophos Sandbox is purpose-built to deliver next-generation threat detection with advanced emulation tools and automated malware analysis. Easily integrated into third party products via a comprehensive API layer, it eliminates costly investments in R&D and advanced threat intelligence infrastructure. Available as an OEM package, Sophos Sandbox enables ease of integration, rapid onboarding, and unrivaled support for partners. Deliver enhanced detection, a new revenue stream, and get to market more efficiently.


Layered security to combat increasingly customized crossover threats

The cost of data breaches is going up and cyberattacks are becoming increasingly more complex. Findings from a recent study reveal that over 15% of websites contain critical vulnerabilities resulting in over a million attacks on a daily basis. Email still receives the majority of attacks through spam, phishing, and new malware campaigns. In order to curtail these ongoing attacks, messaging and web solutions must use a growing array of layered security technologies from mature security companies.

Enter Sophos Sandbox. Designed for rapid and easy integration with any web or messaging security platform

By alleviating common challenges involved in deploying advanced threat detection systems, Sophos’ next-generation sandbox delivers several key benefits to OEM partners with its unique capabilities.

It combines the latest threat analysis from SophosLabs with powerful emulation tools to ensure that files are inspected using real-time threat intelligence along with comprehensive detection techniques. Supporting a wide range of use cases and business models, it provides a highly secure and scalable environment to run in-depth analysis of suspicious programs and files.

Ease of integration accelerates time to market, opening new revenue streams faster

This Sophos solution integrates with our award-winning Sophos anti-malware engine (Sophos Antivirus SDK) and leverages it as a powerful pre-filter. With this pre-built logic, determining which files require further advanced detection or sandboxing becomes dramatically simplified. With its rapid integration and scalability, OEM partners can quickly up-sell Sophos' Sandbox, tightly integrating it with their existing line of security solutions. This provides OEM partners with an ensemble architecture of industry-leading next-generation cyber security that is modular, lightweight, and simple to embed.

Simple and fast

Quicker, flexible integration over a scalable platform enables smooth deployment and helps drive revenue faster.


Subscription-based, per-user pricing, supporting unlimited file analysis delivers low TCO.


Cloud-based malware analysis with selective and automated file submission helps save precious bandwidth.


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