Zero Trust Network Access

Securely connect your users to your applications.

Control Access to Your Apps and Data Based on User Identity and Device Health

Identify User

Validate Device

Control Access

Easy to Enroll, Deploy, and Use
with Sophos Central

Sophos Central is the ultimate cloud management platform for all your Sophos products, including ZTNA. It enables enrollment, deployment, policy management, and reporting, making your job easy.


Sophos ZTNA Client

In the first phase of the early access program (EAP), Sophos ZTNA uses a clientless solution.

In the next phase, the Sophos ZTNA client for Windows will deploy seamlessly alongside Intercept X for the ultimate in easy enrollment and deployment.

Other client platforms will follow.

Sophos ZTNA Gateway

In the first phase of the EAP, a Sophos ZTNA Gateway for VMware ESXi will be available.

Then AWS will follow in the next phase, enabling protection for both cloud and on-premises applications.

Other gateway platforms will follow.

Regain trust in a world of zero trust.


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